OPINION: Being rude while driving is now illegal


Our modern mode of communication is texting. It is fast, easy, devoid of emotion, and distracting. We get wrapped up in short words through our phone portal. And anyone who doesn’t text is given a sideways glance as though they just stepped through a time warp.

While texting is a convenient and efficient form of communication, it is distracting and lethal to the driver. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Texting caters to the multi-tasker. Around campus, you can see the busy college student glued to their phone, texting and receiving texts from twenty different people. Texting allows you to be busy and busier still. Text while you’re doing homework. Text while you’re walking. Text while you’re peeing. Text while you’re in class. Text while your best friend is trying to tell you that she has an eating disorder and her grandma is on her deathbed.

Text while driving. Why not? After all, your public needs you.

At first, it was because trying to text and drive is stupid. Now, don’t text and drive because it is illegal. Higher ups and lawmakers have finally received one too many notifications that another crash occurred because one distracted driver had their eyes on their phone.

The law is in effect. Adults will be fined $150 and it is a secondary offense. Teens unders 18 will be fined $150 with a 60-day suspension of their license. For these teens texting and driving is a primary offense. (Information obtained from http://handsfreeinfo.com/ohio-cell-phone-laws-legislation).

Be inspired, then. Put your phone down when you drive on the after-midnight Taco Bell run. You might be able to see which driveway to pull into. Those digital words will be there when you stop, and you may find that your public doesn’t need you half as badly as you thought.

Kaitie Fox is the Opinion Editor and Photography Editor for Aviso AVW

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