Senate Notebook: Sept. 18


Student Concerns

The need for student space, a common issue last year, is still prevalent. The discussion centered on the Randall Campus Center. Sophomore class President, Mike Terry, reasoned that as the only real “student center” on campus, the space needs to be utilized more efficiently. The large open space on the second floor is not put to very good use with its current setup, and could be improved with renovations. A committee was proposed to address this specific issue.

This coveted bike rack on campus begins to overflow. Senate looks for more ways to accommodate the increasing amount of students riding their bikes. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Another issue brought up was the bike racks on campus. Aside from the ones near Haviland, none of the racks are covered, and without shelter from rain or snow, students’ bikes are exposed to rust and other damages. With the number of students using bikes increasing, this subject has gained importance. Senate will be looking into it for the next meeting.

Other concerns included the desire for a late night menu at the cafeteria, and for ice machines in all of the residence halls. Currently only WWF and PGB have one.

Other Business

Director of Spiritual Formation, Avery Linn, is working with Linda Leon to increase commuter involvement in the Roots bible study program.

Sophomore Vice-President, Jake Belair, is hoping to meet with someone from the physical plant to discuss better recycling options on campus.

The events committee is putting together a student meet-and-greet with Dr. King in anticipation of the upcoming inaugural ceremonies.

Student Senate meetings are held Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. in the Hoover Room.


Blaire Thompson is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW

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  1. I have wondered if an addition to the Barn has ever been considered… one that would help meet student space needs AND maintain the architectural integrity of what is truly one of the most unique buildings on any college campus. This would involve finding a new location for our tennis courts…


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