Breaking News: Senate Election Results


Senate elections were held Tuesday, September 15 to determine class representatives.

Student Senate elections were held Tuesday September 25.

Senior business administration major, Sean Offerdahl was elected Senior Class Treasurer with 92% of the votes to “Confirm” and 6% of votes in favor of “Do Not Confirm.”

Jordan McKelley, exercise science major, was elected Junior Class Vice President with 88% votes in favor to “Confirm” and 12% votes in favor of “Do Not Confirm.”

Sophomore liberal arts major, Donovan McDowell and sophomore nursing major Scott Mateer were both elected ophomore class senators. Mcdowell received 72% votes to confirm and 28% votes to not confirm. Mateer received 86% votes to confirm and 14% to not confirm.

Computer science major Adam Reese was elected Freshman Class President receiving 37% of votes. Reese ran against nursing major, Heath Gerber who received 31% of votes and Alex Mundell, music ministry major, who received 27% of votes.

Early childhood education major, Andrea Maier was elected Freshman Class Vice President with 37% of votes. Chris Dugan, political science major, also ran with 33% of votes, as well as Tyler Veldhuizen with 25% of votes.

Business administration major, Brandon Simmon was elected for Freshman Class Treasurer with 91% of votes to confirm and 4% votes to not confirm. Marshall Kirkendall, nursing major, was elected Freshman Class Senator receiving 89% of votes to confirm and 5% votes to not confirm.

Polls were open until 7pm and votes were cast on iPads in the Great Hall. Voting was also available online.   


Steena Hymes is the managing/news editor for The Aviso AVW 

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