BLOG: Challenges of being an athlete and writer are immense


Ready, set, and go! The gun shoots off and before I know it, I am finishing the race, running over to my heavy book bag, getting my lap top out, and making emails to athletes and coaches about interviews for The Aviso.

Calling my “weekly routine” hectic is a bit of an understatement. From long hours of practice, to boat loads of homework and finding time to write sport articles, my life as a full-time student, Aviso sports writer and athlete can be a big challenge. Okay, it is a HUGE challenge.

Junior runner Tina Oprean runs near the front of the pack during a cross-country race last fall. Oprean as a top end runner for the Pioneers has the daily struggle of juggling schoolwork with running. (Photo courtesy of Andy Smith)

Playing three different roles everyday can be exhausting, and it definitely can turn up the stress volume on some levels. Finding the right balance between the three is and will always be a challenge for me.  I am constantly working around all three schedules to make it work, and most of the time it is never steady.

One week will roll perfectly and then before I know it, my schedule does a 180 and my planner is filled with red pen marks from crossing and re-organizing for the next week.

Time management is the key essence to any weekly schedule, and sometimes there just isn’t enough hours in a day for everything.

For instance, this past weekend is a perfect example of my latest scavenger hunt for time.

I had a meet all day Saturday, did not get back until it was late, then woke up the very next day for a long run at 6 am in the morning and headed to Cedar Point right after to work for fundraiser money for the track team. Between all of that, AND finding time for homework and Aviso writing, my weekend was on a “non stop fast pace schedule”, and I had no way of stopping the watch to pause for a break.

So, you may all be thinking I am a bit crazy, and this may be somewhat true considering I find running fun. But hey, someone has to do it, right?

But in all seriousness between the long hours of writing, running, and constantly searching for time, I find it almost amusing seeing myself run around like a chicken with its head cut off. And if anyone knows me, I usually am doing that.

There is just something about that “fast pace” schedule that keeps me motivated and keeps me on my toes. I am challenged by God every week with it, but it is something that keeps me leveled and keeps me challenged, and hey, what athlete doesn’t like a challenge?

Tina Oprean is a sports writer for The Aviso AVW.

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