Third Thursday reshape comedy night


Malone’s own variety comedy show is back for the fall semester with a new vision and a new platform. Third Thursday, which was started last year, is back under the direction of sophomore youth ministry major and Third Thursday student director, Jon Delker.

Delker said he approached Third Thursday creator and instructor of youth ministry Bill Quigley with a couple ideas and Quigley gave him the reigns for this year. Delker is bringing his own ideas to redesign the model of Third Thursdays.

Jon Delker, sophomore youth ministry major, reshapes the structure of Third Thursday to “make the jump” to appeal to the relevant comedic standards of the college community.  (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

“We’re reshaping it a little bit,” Delker said. “I want to try to make the jump to what students will find most comedic.”

Delker said this year will follow suite of comedy variety shows like Conan, Saturday Night Live and Tosh.O as compared to last year which Delker referred to as “old-style comedy like Dick Van Dyke.”

Delker will play the “Conan” role of each of the Third Thursday events which will also include a co-host, stand-up comedy, interview with guests, skits, musical numbers, as well as the MC Comedy group.

“We’re having a lot of different styles of comedies put into one night,” Delker said.

Delker hopes that Third Thursday will gain notoriety and success around campus.

“My future goal is to make it become the next Nike Air Band, just without the Nike or the air band,” Delker said.

SAC director, Rae Showen, recalled a comedy group Malone had approximately 10 years ago called “The Yellow Light Runners” who were popular and successful on campus and said she hopes that Third Thursday reaches the bar set by them.

Showen also said Third Thursday gives an opportunity for a co-culture of students to have a platform to showcase a variety of talents.

Quigley, the mastermind behind Third Thursday, said he started it to have students gather and enjoy being in each other’s company and laugh. He already has ideas planned for the next couple Third Thursday events. In the spirit of Halloween, he wants to break the record for most people performing the “Thriller” dance on campus.

Quigley said any students can get involved and that Third Thursdays is an avenue for students to plug in for laughs.

Even though the event is called Third Thursday, the first one of the year will take place October 4 in the Memorial Chapel from 9-10:30 pm. Delker said the name is just a title because the first event fell on the third Thursday of the month. Delker said there will be possibly three Third Thursday events in the fall and at least two in the spring.

“My main goal isn’t just to have a night of comedy but to be a form of ministry in the fact of showing we can gather as a community in Christ’s name and just have a great time,” said Delker. “Humor doesn’t mean cursing, it doesn’t mean sexual innuendos, but it can just be good clean humor.


Steena Hymes is a managing and news editor for The Aviso AVW.

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