Business student works to raise funds for Haitians in need


Senior business and accounting major Earl Whitaker is raising money for Haitian Christian Outreach as a project for Malone’s Free Enterprise class. Whitaker and the other students in the class have all chosen different organizations or groups of people to target and are spending the semester raising funds to empower those in need.

“We have to come up with something that targets people in need… to empower them and enable them to work on their own,” Whitaker said.

Beth Postelwaite talks to class about business and entrepreneurship. (Photo by Blaire Thompson)

Whitaker chose Haitian Christian Outreach because his mother, Patricia, recently went to Haiti on a mission trip with their home church.

“There [are] two missionaries in charge of the organization, and they’re both Haitian, so they know what’s best for their people over there,” Whitaker said.

Whitaker is being assisted in his project by classmate and senior business administration major Cory Heddleston.

“Haitian relief is really interesting to me… the idea that they’re building wells, and that they’re actually helping the community as a whole” is what attracted Heddleston to Whitaker’s project, he said.

“I’ve been actively involved in church groups, so missions… have always been important to me,” he added.

Whitaker and Heddleston sold baked goods at the Kawfee Haus on October 9 as part of the fundraising project. They are going to continue selling baked goods at future concerts throughout the semester.

Whitaker also plans to have a booth set up at football games selling hot chocolate and popcorn, but is still working on obtaining permission to do so.

He said he hopes to raise a total of $600, surpassing the $500 that another group raised for the same organization last year.

As well as assistant managing Whitaker’s project, Heddleston is managing his own project, an “affordable Christmas” to give people in the area the opportunity to buy toys and gifts for their children at a fourth of the regular price.

“The idea is that it’s not a handout,” Heddleston said. “It’s something that they can take financial responsibility for and… feel as though they’re actually doing something for their children.”

Heddleston is planning on having another bake sale for his project, and is tossing around the idea of hosting a speed dating night to raise additional funds.

The Free Enterprise class is taught by Beth Postelwaite, instructor of business and director of SIFE at Malone. The class is in conjunction with SIFE, a group whose goal is to help people using business and economic concepts. This is Postelwaite’s first year directing the program.

The Malone chapter of SIFE takes a step further by including Christianity in its outreach attempts, Postelwaite said. She also said that the class is not only made up of business majors.

“We have education majors, history majors, art majors… it’s definitely something that anyone can be involved in, because no matter what, when you leave here you’re [going to] most likely be interacting with some kind of business or working for it,” Postelwaite said.

Blaire Thompson is the copy editor for The Aviso AVW.

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