Students consider the meaning and value of cheating


A common problem in educational systems around the world is academic integrity. Provost Donald Tucker said the ratio of plagiarism in schools is higher than 50%.

But what is the definition of cheating?

With plagiarism offense on the rise, students are encouraged to revisit their Malone student handbook in order to discern between what is considered cheating and what is acceptable. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Academic integrity is defined in the Malone University Catalog as the “part of personal integrity which encompasses all activities in the learning process. It is the consistent demonstration of honorable behavior in all academic behavior.”

The student body must abide by the rules expressed in the student handbook. Protocol for violation of academic integrity is outlined in the Catalog as well.

Cheating not only affects the student cheating; it also impacts other students.

Freshman undecided major Katelyn Spencer said, “I think cheating not only hurts yourself, but also affects those around you. It doesn’t help you because by cheating you never really learn the info that you need.”

Cheating is a form of disrespect as it steals all the hard work a person has done, said Spencer.

Hannah Galehouse, freshman undecided major, saw cheating in a negative light as well.

“If you’re not smart enough to do the work and study, it’s unfair to those who have and who you are cheating off of,” said Galehouse.

Galehouse said people should also be involved in confronting those who cheat as a means of stopping it. Cheating is degrading to academic achievement.

“All you get is the answers,” said Galehouse.

“Knowledge is power, so you are cheating yourself out of an opportunity to become an educated individual,” said Spencer.

Sabrina Kaiser is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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