Dead President’s Society offers unique events for students


Malone has a few clubs many students are not aware of. However, with a name as catchy as the “Dead President’s Society,” it is hard to not be intrigued by this one.

Because this year is an election year, the Dead President’s Society sponsored the event to watch the final presidential debate before the election. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Dead President’s Society is the history and social sciences club. The history and social sciences department has changed the name of their club several times through the decades, but the shock value of the club’s current name has stuck over the last ten years.

“Part of the purpose of what we [Dead President’s Society] want to do is getting together and talking about whatever comes up,” club adviser  Jay Case, assistant professor of history, said. “We get together to socialize and get to know one another.”

The club is characterized by a few annual events as well as a few events that are unique to every year.

The Dead President’s club has a knack for sweets. Their annual Cheesecake and Croquet event kicks off the start of every school year by getting to know one another by eating cheesecake and playing croquet.

Junior history and integrated social studies major Amber Neading went with friends for the first time this September to Cheesecake and Croquet.

“It was a lot of fun,” Neading said. “I was terrible at it but it was a blast.”

Cemeteries and Cider is another annual event. It will be in late October and consists of exploring a cemetery to complete a historical investigation task followed by going to a professor’s house for hotdogs and apple cider.

“One year there was a rumor that James Buchanan’s [15th President of the United States] illegitimate child is buried at a cemetery down by a Mennonite church in Canton,” Case said. “So we went there and tried to find him.”

There are also a few events that are unique to each year.  With the presidential election happening in November the Dead President’s Society is putting on events specific to this historical event.

Dead President’s club will be partnering with SAC for an election night party in the barn. Big screens will project result coverage. A candidate look-alike contest and trivia quiz with prizes will take place throughout the night. The event will last all night as the results come in and pizza will be provided.

A new activity the club is starting is World News Wednesdays. Anyone who wants to discuss current events can meet in the dining hall at 11am and noon in the southwest corner.

All upcoming events will be advertised through e-mail and bulletin board postings.

Danielle Kappel is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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