Little Saints Night Cancelled


This past weekend, the floors of WWF should have been decorated imaginatively and children should have been laughing and smiling as they collected candy from the residents of WWF. This year, the resident life staff made the decision to cancel Little Saints Night.

“This is a unique year in that Homecoming is falling right on Halloween weekend,” associate dean for student development Josh Perkins said. “On top of that, we have the Presidential Inauguration, which we want students to be involved in. Given the amount of time that it takes to do the Little Saints, it was impractical to ask the women of WWF to be a part of that and to be a part of Homecoming and the Inauguration activities.”

Woolman remains undecorated as the halls take a break from Little Saints Night this year. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Perkins said this event has taken place for at least 20 years.

Little Saints Night usually takes place the weekend of or the weekend before Halloween. It is a competition among floors to see who has the best theme. Each floor in WWF comes up with a theme and spends the weekend prepping and transforming their halls. Walls said the goal is to give the children of faculty, staff and a few community members the opportunity to collect candy in a safe environment among students.

Walls said she assumes people will look at the calendar and know that it just wasn’t possible this year. She knows a lot of kids like to come, so expects there are some people who are disappointed because of the cancellation. She said the RA’s are excited for the most part that they don’t have to put forth all the effort this year.

Sophomore early childhood education major, Rachel Dawson and junior communication arts major Sadie Eicher are both RA’s in Woolman hall. They said they are relieved that they don’t have to do all the work to prepare for Little Saints this year.

“A lot of students don’t see it except for the one year. So a lot of them don’t know what it is that they’re missing,” Walls said. “I’m disappointed. It’s a fun time but it just needed to happen this year.”

Dawson and Eicher agreed and said many of the girls on their floors don’t even know what Little Saints is.

Not everyone sees the cancellation as a good thing though. Freshman math major Melody Sabo lives in Woolman and said she is upset that she won’t get to participate in Little Saints this year.

“I don’t like it at all,” Sabo said.

Eicher said the event really brings the floor together and that is something that won’t happen in the same way this year.

“The only thing they would really be missing out on would be the community that is built over that weekend. But there are definitely other opportunities to build community that isn’t over something so stressful,” Dawson said.

Perkins said an email was sent out to staff and faculty to inform them that Little Saints will be back next year. All of the Residence Life staff was involved in the decision to cancel this year.


Kaitlyn Stump is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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