Pioneer Focus: Ryan Roush


PEDIGREE: This week’s Pioneer Focus goes to freshman Ryan Roush for his efforts as part of the men’s cross-country team’s second place finish in the GLIAC championships on Oct. 20.

In the championship meet Roush was able to garner an eighth place with his time of 24:37.7 on the 8k course at the Maple Leaf Golf Course in Linwood, OH. His second best finish behind sophomore Andrew Trusty, who finished third overall, was instrumental in the men’s second place finish behind Grand Valley State University.

Get to know the runner from Canfield, OH…

Freshman Ryan Roush runs ahead of teammate Jordan McKelley in the All-Ohio championships where he finished in 34th place. One of the amazing things most people are unaware of is that Roush is a cancer survivor. (Photo courtesy of Bo Trusty)

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: My favorite food would have to be pizza.  Drew Trusty (another athlete of the week I believe) told me to only eat the pizza here in moderation.  It has been an ongoing game for me to take a piece for every meal, and I have done so thus far during my time at Malone (save breakfast which doesn’t offer it), much to his amusement.

Q: What is on your playlist?

A: Interestingly enough I tend to avoid music and have no songs on my iPhone.  Many people say that I am boring, but it always leads to a fun conversation.

Q: Favorite athlete?

A: My favorite athlete would be Galen Rupp, who was the silver medalist at this year’s Olympic Games in the 10,000 meter run.

Q: Something most people don’t know about you?

A: Most people don’t know (to my surprise) that I am a cancer survivor.  For some reason I’ve always assumed that gets talked about, but most of my teammates just found out a couple weeks ago, so I would say that would be a sufficient answer.

Q: Most embarrassing moment?

A: My most embarrassing moment happened just before fall break.  I slept through two alarms one at 7:30 and one at 8:00, finally waking up at 9:18, leaving me 20 minutes late to my World History II exam.  I was so embarrassed to walk into class that late on a midterm day and my classmates got a kick out of it.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of running?

A: My favorite aspect of running is that it is completely free.  I can go for a run whenever I want and I don’t have to have other people with me.  For some reason I find happiness in the freedom I am able to feel when I simply go out for a run, either alone or with the team.

Q: Who is your role model and why?

A:  I would say that my role model upon arriving to Malone has become Mitch Williams.  He has many desirable qualities which I would use to base him as my role model.

The first thing is that he is simply a classy guy, the second is that he’s a nice guy (especially to women [nice guys finish last so unfortunately he reaps no benefits, in this case no girlfriend]), and the third thing which is most important in my mind is that he taught me this simple phrase “It’s all about who ya know.”

I believe because I know Mitch Williams I am a better person and am confident in the fact that I have chosen a good role model.

Q: Favorite fast food outlet?

A:  Definitely McDonalds. First because Usain Bolt eats there before his races and secondly because it has become a hangout spot for me and my roommate Luis, along with Jordan McKelley.  We ALWAYS remember to get an Oreo McFlurry and at least two chicken snack wraps crispy with honey mustard.

Q: What is the best and worst part about college athletics?

A: The best part about college athletics is traveling all over and seeing new things.  This is also the worst because as the team can tell you I am definitely a “momma’s boy” and wish I could go home on the weekends.

Q: Least favorite rule at Malone?

A: My least favorite rule at Malone would have to be “no balls in the hall.”  Simply because I broke that tonight playing soccer and I really don’t have any problems with Malone’s rules.

Q: The thing you miss most about high school?

A: The thing I miss most about high school would have to be the fact that in my small community “Ryan Roush” meant quite a bit, and starting over here in a much bigger pond has taken some adjusting.

Chris Sherwood is sports editor for The Aviso AVW.

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