Room Contest Winners


At the beginning of the semester The Aviso AVW held a  dorm room decorating contest across campus: cramped spaces become creative solutions. The contest was broken down into three different categories: most creative set up, most tricked-out, and most colorful. We are now excited to announce the winners of each contest, who will receive a Target gift card to continue decorating their rooms.

Most Creative Set-up: Chaz Stead and Ryan Mossor

Chaz Stead, sophomore music major, and Ryan Mossor, freshman communication arts major, have taken advantage of their spacious third floor Devol room. Stead’s entry submission into the room contest describe’s Mossor and his room quiet well.

“Nestled in the third floor of the southern wing of DeVol is a room frequented by many of Malone’s campus and is quaintly known as “Swagger Manor”.  Upon entering our room, the first reaction is usually “Wow, it’s so large!” Our room is roughly twice the average size which makes us capable of fitting roughly twenty people in our room any given Friday for a movie night on our 37 inch flat screen retracted into our spare third closet.” said Stead.

Chaz Stead and Ryan Mossor in their DeVol room. (Photo Credit: Kaitie Fox)

Highlights of the room include a “hand-made Guatemalan Hammock, that Ryan purchased while on a mission trip, illuminated by black lights that reveal glow-in-the-dark stars surrounding our room and a glow-in-the-dark disco ball meant to resemble the moon.” said Stead.

Stead and Mossor’s room includes a collection of furniture which highlights their 10 gallon fish tank which house their three other roommates: UV
reactive line green Tetra fish named Carlos, Hector, and Juan.

Most Tricked-Out Room: Mike Terry

Sophomore Bible and theology major Mike Terry’s DeV0l 2 common wins for Most Trick-Out Room.

As Terry said, “It’s tricked out with two televisions (one with an Xbox 360 and one with an n64), a receiver with two 2 1/2′ speakers, and a 20 gallon fish

Terry and friends relaxing in his tricked-out room. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

tank complete with 4 fish. Not to mention there isn’t a square foot that isn’t covered with some awesome poster of either a Cleveland sports team, TV sitcom, or a musical artist.”

Terry’s room is also complete with a  cafe in suite.

“We call it “Cafe de Vol” and its complete with an electric kettle, french press, cappuccino, coffee, and different assortments of tea.” Terry said.

Most Colorful: Emily Cowen and Melanie Smith

Cowen and Smith’s colorful room. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Sophomore communication arts majors Emily Cowen and Melanie Smith’s room wins for most colorful.

Cowen said their room is “a jungle of color”.





Cowen and Smith’s room includes a collection of colorful stuffed animals as well as a disco ball.

Most Colorful Runner-Up: Katharine Savedge and Hannah Andersen  

Freshman intervention specialist major Katharine Savedge and freshman business administration major Hannah Andersen’s room is the runner-up for the most colorful room. Their room is decorated in all shades of pink and as their sign says, gorgeous.


Hannah Finley is the feature editor for The Aviso AVW.


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