Students find fashion solutions at local thrift stores


College students are notoriously known for being cheap. While this usually applies to things like food and entertainment, this cheapness has also extended to how college students shop, particularly for clothes.

Kayla DeVitto is a thrifting master. Her outfits are mostly from thrift stores and her furniture is from thrift stores and garage sales. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

The Draw to Thrift Stores

A recent article from CNN.com shows that more and more Millennials are ditching store brands and opting for thrift store fashion. The question then is why? Besides the obvious appeal of a low price tag, what is motivating students to flock to Goodwill instead of the mall?

Allie Sayre, junior communication arts major, said it has to do with personal style.

“I like to go to thrift stores because you will find one piece there and you’re not going to find that anywhere else,” said Sayre, “whereas if you go to the mall, every mall has a Hollister, every mall has an American Eagle, you’re going to see all those fashions everywhere. If you get it at a thrift store, no one else is going to have that piece.”

As more students choose thrift stores over name brands, several trends have emerged from thrift store fashion, the biggest being ugly sweaters.

Style tends to recycle itself, said Sayre, and because of that big “grandma” sweaters are making a comeback.

Rose Marinucci, junior double major in educational ministries and Spanish, also sees this trend.

“There’s this recent thing where people are buying animal sweaters, with ugly animals on the front of them,” Marinucci said.

When Marinucci looks for sweaters, she focuses on Christmas ones.

“I’m very into Christmas sweaters, the entire month of December and usually into January I only wear Christmas sweaters,” Marinucci said.

Thrift Store Locations and Tips

Around the Canton area, there are several thrift stores that tend to be the most popular. Thrift store locations closest to campus include the Goodwill on 9th Street Southwest and the Goodwill on Tuscarawas Street, which are seven and ten minutes away respectively. The Salvation Army also has several locations around town. The closest to campus is on Market Avenue South.

Walking into a thrift store can be overwhelming. With clothes and other merchandise crammed floor to ceiling it can be hard to know where to start.

If you’re new to thrifting one of the biggest things to keep in mind is to be patient, according to senior communication arts major Kayla Devitto.

“Just take your time, because you’re not going to find an entire wardrobe in one visit,” Devitto said, adding also that your wardrobe will naturally build on itself the more you shop.

The issue of time is also a factor. Marinucci said that most of her trips to thrift stores usually last at least two hours just because there’s so much to look at.

Another tip is to go with a group of friends. Sayre said going with a group makes it more fun and helps you keep an open mind.

The old cliché of college students being cheap still seems to be true, but you don’t have to sacrifice personal style just to save money. Thrift stores offer a way for students to get the best of both worlds while still being able to afford textbooks for the spring semester. It may take some time, but in the end it’s good for your wallet and your closet.

Elizabeth Finley is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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