Aviso AVW recognized in best of show


The Aviso AVW was recognized in the top ten Best of Show at the National College Media Convention which took place in Chicago October 31 – November 4. The Aviso was recognized in the website category.

“The Best of Show designation at the National College Media Convention is a snapshot telling us of continuing excellence at The Aviso,” faculty advisor, Dr. David Dixon, said. “I’m pleased that this year’s new staff is continuing the tradition of quality publishing.”

The Aviso was also named a pacemaker finalist at the convention for the 2011-2012 publication year led by former editor-in-chief Jesse Peek. This year’s best of show recognition was submitted by Editor-in-chief Samantha Shaffer.

“I’m very proud of our staff and honored that we were recognized at such a high level,” Shaffer said.

The Associate Collegiate Press puts on the National College Media Convention every fall in different cities across the country. According to the website, this is the largest gathering of student journalists and advisers averaging 2,300 in attendance per year.


Steena Hymes is the managing/news editor for The Aviso AVW.

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