A month without make-up: Women across campus answer the call


Men and women on campus are raising money and awareness to end sex trafficking November 4th through December 4thwith No Mask November, which challenges women not to wear make-up. This is the first year for No Mask November on campus.

Jocelyn Anderson, the founder of this event, says that she saw this idea on her sister’s Facebook and developed it further. Each participant is sponsored to raise money, and she says that her parents are supporting her one dollar each day. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

The brain behind this idea is junior chemistry major Jocelyn Anderson. Anderson came up with idea when she saw it on her sister’s Facebook and decided to look into the idea a little more.  Anderson collaborated with sophomore communication arts major Matt May on this idea and together they decided to involve both men and women. They also created a Facebook page.

However, there is more to this event then not wearing make-up for a month. In order to raise money for the organization, the women participating will be sponsored. That is where the men come in the picture. The men can donate money to sponsor the women who are participating or who would like to participate.

“My parents are donating a dollar each day that I participate,” Anderson said.

Anderson said there has been quite a bit of participation from both women and men throughout the month.

No Mask November is working with Remember Nhu. Remember Nhu is based in Akron and was founded by a Malone graduate. The people at Remember Nhu help care for women who have been freed from sex trafficking.

Many students are taking this opportunity to reflect on their use of make-up in their daily routines.

“I really do like the idea of No Mask November because girls feel the need that they have to wear make-up because they feel that their face isn’t good enough as it is,” junior education major Kailee Yoder said. “Once you start wearing make-up, it just becomes part of your daily routine; that is why I wear make-up.”

Lots of women take advantage of the idea of wearing make-up because they are not forced to wear it.

“I feel uncomfortable wearing make-up because it just isn’t something that I do. I can understand why those girls feel uncomfortable wearing makeup since they were forced to do it for sex trafficking,” sophomore nursing major Ashley Meiter said.

This event goes beyond make-up, however.

“I wanted everyone to pray for the girls when they are having struggles without wearing make-up because these girls are struggling beyond make-up,” Anderson said. “Our hope is to have everyone who is participating in this to come together and pray for the girls.”


Erin Green is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

Read more about Remember Nhu at Be:Justice Remembers Nhu


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