Senate Notebook: November 27


Open Forum

The second Student Senate Open Forum took place Wednesday, November 14. All members of Senate were in attendance to address any questions and concerns students brought forward.

No changes have been made to the parking issue. While spaces available are not always the most convenient, no space is more than a ten minute walk from anywhere on campus and there are plenty of spaces for everyone. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Parking was one of the first issues to be brought up and is in fact a concern among students nearly every year. Junior Class President, Ezra Tkach, explained why no changes have been made. As long as there are enough total spaces on campus for every car, there is not enough demand for more student parking on a campus where the longest walk between any two points is under ten minutes.

Junior communication arts major Cale Short asked that Senate give an update on the status of the ice skating rink that was purchased last year. There have been concerns that the funds used to buy the rink were a waste of student money, especially since the mild winter prevented the rink from being used.

Student Body President, Bob Book, addressed this topic, making it clear that the money came from a general account that is in no way funded with money paid by students. Further, Book assured that the rink will be assembled again this year, most likely over winter break so it is ready for spring semester. Book was confident that the rink was a good investment for Senate to make and that the student body will get better use out of it in coming years.

Freshman music production major Natali Masters talked about the food choices that are made available by AVI in the cafeteria. Masters wanted to know if it is possible to have healthier options offered at stations other than the salad bar and deli station. Book also addressed this concern, explaining that Malone’s contract with AVI is very binding and the company decides, for the most part, what to serve. However, Book said that something can still be done, and that Senate would look further into the issue.

The student space issue was again brought up when Short asked if something will ever be done with the Barn. This gave Mike Terry, Sophomore Class President and chair of the newly formed Student Space committee, a chance to inform those in attendance about Senate’s intentions to address this important subject.


Senate’s weekly meeting took place immediately following the Open Forum. There, several of the issues discussed at the Forum were given further attention.

In response to the cafeteria concern brought up by Masters, Senator Kenzie Berkheimer agreed to talk to Wellness Director Joyce Byler about what can be done to improve the food choices in the cafeteria and keep students better informed of the nutritional values of the food that is offered.

Student Senate meetings are held Wednesday at 9 p.m. in the Brehme Conference Center.


Blaire Thompson is the copy editor for The Aviso AVW.

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