Enactus receives Sam’s Club Grant to empower small business


Enactus (Entrepreneurial Action and Us), formerly known as SIFE, is one of this years’ recipients of the Sam’s Club grant, Step up for Small Business. This grant, in the amount of 1500 dollars, will be used to further the goals of Enactus while working with Providing Excellent Adult Care (PEAK), a residential home for people with developmental disabilities.

Sam’s Club gave Enactus a grant to help empower small business. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Beth Postlewaite, instructor of business and director of Enactus, said the goal of Enactus is “to empower people both locally and globally through entrepreneurial and economic ways.”

There was an application process involved in receiving the grant.

“We had to talk about who we were going to empower and how, the ways we were going to empower the small business and then show the measurable outcomes,” Postlewaite said.

Postlewaite said one difficulty in applying was keeping the explanation within the character limit of 1500 characters per section.

Enactus will be working with PEAK by doing crafts, which can be sold to clients and then provides an income for the residents of PEAK.

PEAK also has a t-shirt press and Enactus is working on designing a t-shirt to have them make, which will be sold at Malone. All the profits will go to PEAK.

“It was an organization which our SIFE group helped last year,” Postlewaite said. “The Sam’s Club grant encouraged us to contact the same organization and try to see if they needed help again this year.”

With the grant, Enactus hopes to provide leadership training at PEAK.

“We believe that for people who are called to do the jobs at PEAK, it takes a tremendous toll and is extremely stressful,” Postlewaite said. “We want to empower the caregivers by giving the leaders better techniques on training and providing rewards for people who work for them so they can lower their turnover.”

Enactus also plans to use the grant money to pay for CPR training for PEAK managers. The hope is that the managers will return and teach the skills they learned to other staff members and residents.

Dr Jack Harris, director of global and off-campus programs and professor of business administration, will train students on how to retrain the management group, Postlewaite said.

“I will be going into PEAK to assess their current leadership structure. Based on that, I will make recommendations for change,” Harris said.

Specifically, he said the goal for PEAK is to empower the managers by giving them the means to effectively run the operation. Enactus hopes to give PEAK the tools and information they need to be more effective and provide greater assistance to the residents.

The students are currently visiting the people with developmental disabilities, talking with them and helping them in whatever way they can.


Kaitlyn Stump is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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