Pioneer Focus: Tara Schaffter


PEDIGREE: This week’s Pioneer Focus goes to freshman forward Tara Schaffter for her developing strong play for the much improved 4-1 women’s basketball team.

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Coming off the bench, Schaffter has become a integral part of the Pioneers offensive attack, particularly in the last three games. Overall she is averaging 10.2 points per game, but in the last three she has turned it on a bit by averaging 13.3 points per game.

Freshman Tara Schaffter has had quite an impact on the Pioneers women’s basketball team by averaging 10.2 points per game on 58.3 percent shooting and 4.0 rebounds per game as well. (Photo courtesy of Sports Information)

The highlight was a double-double, 16 points and 10 rebounds, which she produced in a dismantling of Akron Wayne University on Nov. 20, 113-29.

Get to know  the freshman from Smithville…

Q: Favorite food?

A: Ice cream! Malone’s endless supply of ice cream can be detrimental to an athlete’s diet.

Q: Favorite Christmas song?

A: “O Holy Night” because it reminds me of why I celebrate Christmas, which is for the birth of our Lord and Savior on this earth.

Q: Who is your favorite athlete? 

A: Kyle Maynard because he’s a trooper. He didn’t let his physical disabilities stop him.

Q: Something most people don’t know about you?

A: I can make a really good prego belly. It’s legit.

Q: Most embarrassing moment?

A: When Matt Shoup and I made cardboard cutout wings and drove down the highway with them on the side of our car. People gave us weird looks, I don’t know why.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of basketball?

A: It teaches me discipline and I like seeing the results of my hard work…and the free clothing doesn’t hurt either.

Q: What do you miss most about high school?

A: Spending time with my teammates, and especially our team meals.

Q: Who is your role model and why?

A: Amy Murray. She is my mentor from my church. She has been there for me and has helped me in my walk with Christ. She is fighting cancer and staying strong and positive. I love her.

Q: What is your favorite fast food outlet?

A: Taco bell. Who doesn’t like it? It’s open late and I can always go for a fourth meal.

Q: What is the best and worst part of college athletics?

A: The best part is building relationships with my teammates that I know will last a lifetime. The worst part is trying to find time to do everything.

Q: Least favorite rule at Malone?

A: Quiet hours because that’s when all the mischief begins. Lindsy Synder and I make music videos, run around the room and laugh at our own stories a lot.

Q: What holiday tradition are you looking forward to most?

A: Leaving cookies for Santa and carrots for Rudolph. Yeah, I still do that.

Q: Facebook or Twitter?

A: Twitter! Obviously because I have such a random mind and like to tweet all my random thoughts.

Follow her at @TaraSchaffter

Chris Sherwood is sports editor for The Aviso AVW.

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