Ugly Christmas sweaters never looked so good


What are some of the wacky Christmas traditions your family has? On campus, a tradition started two years ago is gaining popularity. Ugly Sweater Day, always held on the last day of classes, is a time to come together and wear ugly Christmas sweaters. This year it will be December 7th.

Sam Shaffer, one of the two students that founded Ugly Sweater Day at Malone, models her ugly sweater. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

Founded by two students, senior communication arts majors Sam Shaffer and Kayla DeVitto, this day is a chance for pure fun that lets students, faculty, and staff wear comfy, fun and funky Christmas sweaters.

“It’s a day of community. It’s something easy and fun and visual,” DeVitto said. “It’s cool to see someone across campus wearing a fun sweater.”

After Shaffer heard about an Ugly Sweater day from a friend at another school, she and DeVitto immediately made a Facebook event for one on campus. It initially received a small amount of participation but has grown a lot since then, and the rest is history.

“It’s gotten to be bigger and bigger, and this year, I’m shocked!” Shaffer said. “Linda Leon even sent out an email to all faculty and staff about it, which is exciting.”

Along with the Facebook event, there have also been posters put up around campus to spread the word about this newly founded campus family tradition.

The two founders are in great anticipation to see the participation of this year’s event, especially to see the faculty and staff get involved.

“A woman I work with in the bookstore [after receiving the email] said that she’d better go out and get an ugly sweater,” Shaffer said.

The best place to get your hands on one of these crazy sweaters is Salvation Army or Goodwill.These places usually have special sections exclusively for this Christmas garb.

There have been some creative sweaters around campus in the past, some have even gotten crafty and made their own with old plain sweaters and random Christmas decorations.

“My favorite sweaters are the ones that have things, like bells, dangling from them,” Shaffer said.

DeVitto encourages students to make their own sweaters instead of trying to go out and hunt for them since it’s getting closer to the day of the event.

“I’m thinking about making my own sweater this year. At the stores around [this time of year], it’s pretty slim picking,” DeVitto said.

Shaffer and DeVitto hope that after this year, since they will be graduating, the Ugly Sweater Day tradition will continue on. DeVitto said that if there is anyone interested in heading up the event to talk to either her or Shaffer.

Ugly Sweater Day will be on December 7th, a perfect way to end the final week of classes. It’s a fun way to connect with other students on campus. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater and, “wear them with pride!” as Shaffer said.

Jaynie Cooper is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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