Discipleship project offers different worship experience


A new worship experience offered “some more traditional elements to the Malone community,” one of the founders, Bob Book, said about a new service called the Discipleship Project.

This student-led worship opportunity on campus debuted for the first time Wednesday January 23.

The project will take place every other Wednesday at 7pm to avoid competing with Celebration. Contrasting with Celebration, the worship service will be a more liturgical worship with acoustic style hymns and a sermon given by one of the students on the leadership team.

(Photo by Kaitie Fox)

The first Discipleship Project saw an attendance of about 50 students. Students actively participated in the worship singing several traditional hymns and listening to the sermon given by senior Bible and theology major Bob Book.

“We wanted to focus on slow, quiet, and deep. We have more acoustic based worship. We wanted the words to be really meaningful so there are a lot of hymns. And we wanted the preaching to be straight out of the Bible,” Book said.

Book said that the Discipleship Project was birthed out of an idea presented last semester by Greg Linville in his Communicating the Christian Faith class. “He (Linville) said ‘you are one of the best classes I’ve ever had.’ The Word was just coming forth. And he said ‘if you started to preach to Malone’s community the way you’re preaching in here, I think we would start to see a lot of things happen on campus’. We took that as a rallying cry,” said Book.

“It’s about being a disciple, it’s about going deeper. We want to preach from the Word” he said.

Book stressed that the Discipleship Project is not competing with other groups on campus. “There are a lot of people on campus who felt like they wanted to go to a new step in their faith and they didn’t know what to do. We decided to start this on the off weeks of Celebration, as a compliment, so people can go to both if they wanted,” Book said.

The Discipleship Project is not an official club at Malone. They do not have a faculty advisor.

Book said that future meetings of the Discipleship Project will feature sermons by other members of the leadership team. This leadership team includes Book; senior youth and educational ministries majors Lawrence McElrath and James Talbert; senior Bible and theology majors Micah Thomas, Anthony Lombardi, and Marcus Steer who led worship at the first Discipleship Project.

The theme verse of the project is Luke 6:40 which says, “A student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.”

Kaitlyn Stump is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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