MUHOP continues to grow four years later


“I have taught at six different Christian colleges. I have never seen at any of the other colleges a group of students focused on prayer, and going after God,” said Dr. John Zietlow, professor of finance and one of the faculty advisors for Malone University House of Prayer (MUHOP).

MUHOP was formed March 2009 by alumni Stephan Nzishura and Jon Detweiler, and has grown a lot in over the years.

Malone University House of Prayer (MUHOP) approaches their one-year mark. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

“It has been beautiful for me to see how student driven it is, and my biggest concern was when it started it would just be a flash in a pan, [that] it is going to get started, Stephan’s going to graduate and you are never going to hear about it again,” Zietlow said.

After Nzishura graduated, other MUHOP members stepped up to continue the group work towards its goal of campus revival.

During the 2011-2012 school year MUHOP  grew a lot compared to the previous years. This growth allowed MUHOP to start more programs seeking revival on campus.

Esperanza Brown, a sophomore Spanish major and director of MUHOP, is leading the group this year.

“On earth as it is in heaven, we want to see that established here,” Brown said regarding MUHOP’s long term goals.

MUHOP members are positive and intent on reaching their goals and feel campus is already changing.

“I really do think that it is growing just the prayer movement in general,” Brown said.

This growth has caused MUHOP to become more diverse in its membership.

“I feel like we are kind of a motley crew,” Brown said. “It is not a specific type of people, that is kind of why we have such diversity, we want to reach everyone. There is no set group of people. There won’t be when we get to heaven.”

The diverse group makes planning worship services fun for Brown because it allows MUHOP to utilize the different talents of each member.

“We have so many different people, it is so great when we have to plan something cause it’s like we can do some rapping, some singing, some guitar,” Brown said.

Working at its goal of campus revival, MUHOP has started to have prayer in the Rose Room 24 hours a day.  Members sign up on a schedule so the room will always be occupied by someone praying.

As pointed out by associate director Luan Tufani, a junior business administration and accounting major, what a Christian does outside of the prayer room is even more important than just signing up for a timeslot in the Rose Room.

Members of MUHOP strive to live their everyday lives applying biblical teachings.

“You can sense more of the presence of God wherever you go,” Tufani said. “It is not so much MUHOP that is changing the campus, it is the people praying.”

Tim Sperry, a sophomore communication major, is one of the newer members of MUHOP.

“Last year was definitely a little bit rocky, and I actually tried to steer clear of MUHOP. Then I felt that God impressed on my heart to look into it and out of the blue I applied near the end of last school year, so I just started at the beginning of this year,” Sperry said.

Sperry does not regret becoming involved with MUHOP.

“It is a commitment, it is more than a simple bible study…we are honestly just trying to press into the heart of God,” Sperry said. “In the biggest picture it is just to bring campus wide revival, which would pour into city wide revival, [and] into national revival.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the founding date and age of MUHOP

Casey Stevens is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.



Josey Petz is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.


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  1. Just a little correction, MUHOP has been around for 3 years, and it is completing its 4th year now. We can never neglect what Steve Nzishura did for almost three years by himself and couple other people. They actually used to meet 4 times a week for 2 hours each time in the basement of the Library room CL-49, and they were faithful in the place of prayer. What went unseen for most people certainly did not for God, He saw it and rewarded. If we have more people today and if we are seeing great thing happening, we owe mostly to those prayer warriors that went unnoticed by men throughout those years.


  2. Tears stream down my face as I read this article and recount on God’s faithfulness. As one of the few that was there in the beginning, and having exhibited much weakness and inconsistency in my own life and devotion, it is remarkable to see God be so faithful to his promises. let Malachi 1:11 happen on our campus and let it find its fulfillment in the nations of the earth.


  3. Anyone is invited to come to the prayer time at 9pm each evening or our 714 worship time on Sundays from 7-9. We also encourage everyone to sign up for a time to commit weekly to pray in the rose room. You do not have to be a member of MUHOP leadership to come to any of these events. All are welcome 🙂


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