PGB goes PG

“It’s become a tradition,” said 2008 graduate Ryan Kienzle about cross-country runners living in Barclay Hall. “The building is a memory for athletes. It’s not the classiest, but it’s become tradition.”

With enrollment down and the budget under stress, Barclay is the easiest dorm to close. According to Chris Abrams, Director of Student Development, shutting down the hall will conserve close to $60,000 next year, but they are not completely positive on the exact amount  because Barclay functions on an independent boiler system from the rest of PGB.

The historic Barclay dormitory, along with a floor of Woolman, the women’s dorm, is being shut down in the fall of 2013 due to low enrollment. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Barclay closing strikes a chord with the cross-country team, which has occupied the floor almost entirely since the 1960’s.

Ryan Roush, freshman exercise science major, currently lives in Barclay.

“Guys here in middle Barclay are really tied to their floor; it’s more of a lifestyle than it is a living space,” he said.

Cross-country runners who are upset about the floor closing have started a Facebook petition and a Twitter hashtag #savebarclay to keep Barclay open.

Cordaryl Smoovv Jones posted on the save middle Barclay Facebook page “They can’t get rid of my 1st home. I won’t allow it. #LongLiveMiddleBarclay.

The page was created on February 6th by Jamison Law, a sophomore biology major who lives on middle Barclay.

Gage Black, a sophomore computer science major who lives on the floor, said next year they are thinking about moving to Lower Gurney or DeVol. “We’re starting our (social media) campaign, and Coach Hazen is seeing what he can do, he can pull some strings for us hopefully. It’s pretty bleak,” he said.

Billy Latta, senior art and business administration major and R.A. for lower Barclay, is equally upset about the news.

“It really feels like we’re losing our home.  It’s the physical building itself that has significant meaning to the community we’ve built,” he told The Aviso. “Its location and layout employs a feeling we can’t find elsewhere on campus.”

Sophomore communication arts major Scott Whitaker is a first year R.A. on middle Barclay. With Barclay closing he said he won’t be applying to be a residence assistant again next year.

“If we got on the same floor I would step into a leadership role for the team, and not administratively,” said Whitaker.

Only one floor of Woolman will be shutting down next semester.

“If we get enough students here we’ll put it right back up,” said Josh Perkins, Associate Dean of Student Development.

“We also will need to reduce our residence assistance staff as well,” Perkins said.

He would not comment on which R.D. position will be terminated at the beginning of the summer.

Josey Petz is staff writer for The Aviso AVW.
Chelsea Weikart is news editor for The Aviso AVW.

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