Students compete in 29th annual math competition


This month, junior mathematics major Lukke Sweet and senior exercise science major Frank McCormick competed in the 29th Mathematical Contest in Modeling.  The Mathematical Contest in Modeling is an international competition with thousands of entries every year.

Junior Lukke Sweet was one of the two students that represented Malone by competing in the 29th Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Photo by Autumn Berry)

For the competition the pair was allowed to choose between one of two problems.

“One is always geared towards a continuous solution, the other geared towards a discreet solution,” associate professor of mathematics Dr. David Hahn said.

The problems are story problems with real world applications.

“One was about a brownie pan and the other was about water distribution in the year 2035 based on population estimations,” Sweet said. “Frank and I decided to attempt the second problem.  We had to do research about water costs, different uses of water, and distribution costs.”

The duo had three days to work on the math problem, with final answers due by Monday, February 4 at 8 a.m.  However, they were unable to send in a finished answer.

“I ended up getting really sick and Frank worked all weekend, so we tried our best,” Sweet said.

Even though they did not complete the water distribution problem, Sweet feels the competition was a valuable experience.

“Frank and I are non-education math majors.  We thought that it might give us a look into what our futures might be like if we decided to continue on into math,” Sweet said.

Last year a team from Malone earned Honorable Mention recognition in the competition.

Casey Stevens is staff writer for The Aviso AVW. 

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