Winter sports become difficult with unpredictable weather


It’s no secret that Ohio’s weather can be very unpredictable. This year’s winter is no exception, but compared to last year there has been a lot more snow. Students around campus take advantage of the winter weather through winter sports, when the weather cooperates.

Julia Newton, freshman undecided major, enjoys many winter activities. She skis, sleds, and snowboards.

“I love doing those things [skiing, sledding, snowboarding] because Ohio’s winter sucks and you have to find some way to really enjoy it and take advantage of it. Do things you can’t do in the good weather of spring, summer, and fall. It helps get me through,” Newton said.

Because Ohio’s weather is notorious for changing, students have learned to be flexible to deal with the weather patterns.

“If Ohio decides it’s in a good mood then I get to do them, and if it’s not then all of it melts and goes back to brown,” Newton said.

Cameron Worth, senior business administration major, started snowboarding about eight years ago in place of longboarding in the winter.

Worth too can relate with the challenges the ever-changing weather brings to participating in winter activities.

The ever-changing weather brings challenges to those who participate in winter activities, like senior Jasmine Evans. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

“It’s nice when it snows, but then when it rains it messes up the snow and you can’t go snowboarding.” Worth said.

Due to the changing weather conditions snow can become icy. Worth said when the conditions become like that it is easier to fall and get injured.

Jasmine Evans, senior business administration major said she enjoys both skiing and snowboarding, but prefers snowboarding.

“I like to snowboard just because it gives me something fun to do in the winter,” Evans said. “My family has always done it and there’s a ski resort right behind my house so I basically walk there from my house. If there is a big snow storm and you can’t drive, just walk there.”

Evans said that in her hometown, going to the local ski resort was the thing to do.

“Where I grew up, it was the thing to do when you were in high school, you just go to Snow Trails,” she said.

Evans agreed that Ohio’s weather is very unpredictable and that we have had a rainy winter this year, which has made it difficult to enjoy winter weather activities.

“When we do get a lot of rain like this, sometimes [ski resorts will] shut down…over Christmas break it was really warm and they shut down. I was kind of bummed because I couldn’t go while I was home,” Evans said.

Ski resorts use artificial snow to build a base so when the weather is uncooperative it is not devastating to business. But artificial snow is not the same as the real thing.

“Usually they get a base down, which they get at the very beginning of the season and it lasts most of the winter,” Evans said. “Then when it’s cold enough they’ll blow some more snow just to freshen it up, but toward the end of the season it gets really icy and it’s very painful if you fall.”

Due to Ohio’s weather, there may still be time to hit the slopes before the season is over. Local ski resorts include Snow Trails in Mansfield, Mad River Mountain in Zanesfield or Boston Mills Brandywine ski resort in Peninsula.

Sarah Bosler is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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