OPINION: There is life outside the bubble


Graduation is a day that seems so far away, but it comes sooner than you think. I know you probably do not believe me. You’re knee deep in papers, you have 5 exams to study for, you have had about 10 hours of sleep all week, and you are already behind on chapel credit. But, one day you will leave the Malone bubble and it will be the most terrifying and exciting time of your life.

Britta Miller is a married alumnus of Malone University. (Photo by Nate Miller)

I was a double major at Malone in Business Administration and Bible and Theology, and I like half of the Malone population I left married. I married Nate Miller, a handsome and hilarious music production major, on August 13, 2012.

My last semester was one of the most difficult semesters of my college career, and I have had my fair share of difficult semesters. I was taking 18 credit hours, working four days a week and trying to be a wife. I only got through by the grace of God. Graduating came like a breath of fresh air.

I graduated in December and I already feel like a completely different person. The first month or so I was in awe of my freedom. I didn’t know what to do with my time; I have read four whole books for fun since I have left Malone. Reading for fun; a task I deemed impossible throughout college.

For those who do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, keep pressing on, one day you too will find yourself reading for fun, or spending the day hiking without thinking you could spend your time more wisely studying or writing the paper that was due yesterday.

Three weeks after I graduated, Nate and I moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Nate is still in school, but he is doing his final semester of Malone at the Contemporary Music Center (part of Malone’s best semester program). It was funny when he got accepted my first thought was, “uhhh, so since we are married, do I have to go with you?” Don’t get me wrong, I would hate staying in Ohio while my husband was in Tennessee but I had never moved before. This was just another huge transition that I was being forced to make.

We moved to Nashville and after the excitement of a new place wore off, the pressure came. My whole life had been planned out. Each year I just progressed to the next level of education, but now there were no more paths laid out for me. Now, I have to make real decisions. This realization smacked me in the face. While I enjoyed my new found freedom, I had to do something with it. Thousands of dollars in student loans aren’t going to pay themselves.

The biggest advice I can give to graduating seniors is… trust in the Lord. The Lord has blessed you with amazing talents and He has a plan for that. I graduated knowing what I wanted to do; I wanted to work for a Christian non-profit organization. I did not know what I wanted to do for them, but I knew that God would show me what to do.

I started applying to any available job, I applied to so many I lost count. But I wasn’t hearing anything back. I began to grow frustrated, I thought I knew what God wanted me to do, so I doubted.

Second piece of advice, don’t doubt. I applied to a non-Christian marketing firm. I got a call back the next day, I had an interview. I was so excited to have an interview, it was not until a couple hours before it that I decided to do some research on the company, you know so I could answer, “why do you want to work here?” Apparently, because I am desperate for a job is not the correct response.

I googled the company name (which you should ALWAYS do) and found out my interview was a scam. This company ropes people into working for no money to sell office supplies door to door, not exactly the “marketing job” it advertised itself to be.

I was devastated, but I realized I was not being patient, I was not trusting God with my future. Third piece of advice, be patient. I stopped applying for jobs that I knew where wrong, and clearly not a part of God’s plan.

Fourth piece of advice, don’t settle. Making no money for almost three months sucked. And yes, if I applied at Taco Bell I probably would have had a job instantly, and I would probably have gained 25 pounds but that is not what I went to school for.

After interviewing at four different places the opportunity came, the one that I had to wait for, the one I would not have been given if I was selling office supplies, or Doritos Locos Tacos. I got offered a job at LifeWay Christian Resources headquarters. They have 160 stores nationwide and are the leading supplier of Christian Resources to churches.

I have been working there for three weeks now and I love it. The best part of my job is knowing that I made the right choice, and did not settle. My prayer for you all is that you will be in the job that God wants for you. For some of you that will take weeks and for others it will take months. But, trust in the Lord, don’t doubt His plans, be patient, and do not settle for anything less than His best for you.

Britta Miller is an alumnus of Malone University.

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  1. Cool article. The advice for being patient and not settling is helpful. The job interview scam was odd I’ll try not to fall for it in the distant future.


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