Students clear paths in gender dominated majors


Senior computer science major Brittany Anderson is used to being the minority. Anderson is one of two women computer science majors. Both women are seniors and when they graduate, the major will be all men until new students join the program.

Being in a major dominated by men does not bother Anderson.

“It gives me more motivation, because I know that when I get a job it’s going to be mainly dominated by men,” Anderson said.

This school year seventeen incoming freshmen declared their major as computer science.  All seventeen of them were men.

Computer science majors Nathaniel Shaw, Brittany Anderson, and Gage Black learn from Dr. James Glasgow. Computer science, with only two female students, is one of multiple gender-dominated majors. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Dr. James Glasgow, associate professor of computer science, said gender does not hinder computer science major’s job hunt.

“The girls we have had in the past get some of the best jobs,” Glasgow said.

Computer science is not the only major dominated by men.  There are currently five women who are sport management majors.  Only seven women have graduated from Malone with a degree in sport management.

Chelsea Perry, junior sports management major, came to Malone as an education major. She changed her major to sport management her sophomore year.

Perry’s passion for sports is part of the reason she changed majors.  She swam for her high school team and for Malone up till last year.

“My coach in high school, who ran the pool, and I’d always talk to him about what he did and I was really interested in how he ran things,” Perry said.

Perry thinks that these differences in gender and background are beneficial to the field of sport marketing.

“It’s just different viewpoints, everyone’s got a little something different to offer.  Actually none of them in there have swam either, like I obviously haven’t played football or baseball…everyone brings something else to the table,” Perry said.

Professor of sport management Dr. Barbara Easlick said gender is not a restriction, especially when it comes to sports.

“Women can do the same thing as guys.  It’s not about woman or man, God created us all equally,” Easlick said.

Traditionally, nursing is another major which is gender dominated, but by women. There are many reasons students decide to pursue nursing, a common thread is wanting to serve others.

“I just knew early on that I liked helping people,” senior nursing major John Dolence said.

Dolence was also motivated by his mother, who is a nurse.

All of the nursing professors are women.  But Dolence does not notice the gender dominance as much as he used to.

“When I first started out in the program, I looked at it like whoa, it’s a ten to one ratio.  That was younger single John,” Dolence said.

In these three very different majors, a common theme resonated.  All of the students know their major is gender dominated, however it does not stop them in their pursuit of a career that they enjoy.

Casey Stevens is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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