New major offers global opportunities


Global International Studies is a new major to be offered for the first time this fall.

This is a secondary major; it must be attached to another major. This degree would add a global element to any major paired with it.  It is a good major for any student who is interested in studying abroad during their college career.   “We are hoping it will drive students to Malone that otherwise would not be interested” Dr. Waalkes, Professor of International Politics, said.

Global International Studies is a new major to be offered this fall (Photo by Autumn Berry)

The requirements for the major or minor are studying abroad, studying a language and a capstone class that has a 40 hour internship attached to it.  The need for an international studies type of major was noticed last school year.

Over the past summer a committee of three faculty put together the proposal,  Dr. Scott Waalkes of international politics, Dr. Elizabeth Patterson of social work and Dr. Julia Villasenor of Spanish.   Dr. Nate Phinney, the Dean of Theology, Arts and Sciences helped finalize everything for the new major to be available.

They wanted to make it distinctive.  Not just international studies, but global studies as well.  They wanted this because international studies are more about the relationship between countries where as global studies are more about the relationship between people.

According to Waalkes, an important aspect of this major is that it is service oriented.  It is teaching students how to serve people better.  It is equipping the students with humility and thoughtfulness for the people around the world in different cultures.

Amongst others, the classes that are needed for this major are Introduction to World Politics which will be taught by Dr.Waalkes. A seminar class called “Global Practice” which will be taught by Dr. Patterson.  Students will have to complete the classes that are required for a student to go abroad.  There are theologically oriented classes that are a mixture of global studies and religion, as well.

The types of jobs a graduate with this degree could apply for are very wide ranged according to Waalkes.  A graduate could go many different paths after receiving a degree in global international studies.  Some of the options include international business, international politics, foreign policy and international social work.

“It’s a great program that highlights what Malone already has” said Waalkes.

There has also been casual conversation about a “3/2” program for engineering with the University of Akron.  A “3/2” program allows a student to begin at a college that does not offer the program they are interested in, in this case engineering, and then complete the major requirements at a university that does offer the program.

“We are always looking for opportunities to partner with others in our region who have a vested interest in the people, businesses, services and churches
of North Eastern Ohio” said Phinney.


Josey Petz is a staff writer for the Aviso AVW.

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