Immigration conference hosted at Malone brings attention to growing population


The G-92 conference will be held at the Johnson Center on March 23rd from 9 to 5.

Immigration remains a hot topic in national politics and in local politics as thousands of Latin Americans continue to come to the Stark county area. A conference called G-92 will be held at the Johnson Center on March 23rd from 9 to 5. Authors, a Dream Act panel, and organization leaders will be presenting at sessions twice throughout the day.

Doctor Julia Villase᷈nor helped coordinate the event after meeting members of the community that had connections to the author of a book she used for class.

They were able to form their ideas in January for a conference that would offer a Biblical understanding and general information to the community about immigration. Three months later the conference was ready to go.

“I didn’t expect for it to all happen this quickly,” Villase᷈nor said.

Ger, the Hebrew word for “immigrant” is the G in the title of the conference, and 92 is the number of times the word is referenced in the Old Testament.

The conference objective is to explore Biblical responses to immigration. Food has been provided for the event and transportation by Hartville Kitchen. Discounts are also offered to attendants to have lunch at local ethnic restaurants.

Although Villase᷈nor coordinated the event at the university, she said students have been heavily involved. The Spanish club, Be:justice, and the Red Cross blood drive on the 18th were some of the sponsors of the conference.

“This is important to us, people think immigrants are just in Florida or California, but that’s not true. Now they are everywhere,” said Villase᷈nor.

The conference will end with a trip downtown to for a prayer vigil.

Chelsea Weikart is the news editor for The Aviso AVW.


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