Throwback to the 90s: Airband celebrates 20 years


The decade responsible for television shows such as Dawson’s Creek, Full House and Friends is also responsible for one of the biggest student events of the year.  Airband celebrates its 20th year with a throwback to the 90s.

This year, Nike Airband celebrates its 20th year anniversary with a throwback to the 90s. (Photo provided by Rhett Edwards)

“I was actually in the first Airband.  It was the Resident Life staff that I was a part of back in 1993,” said Chris Abrams, vice president for student development, recalling his Airband performance.

“We had a Blues Brothers theme.  It was just me and one other guy, some of these have gotten so big there are 30 people.  Back then it was just me and one other guy.  We were in the Stewart Room back then,” Abrams said.

In its 20 years, Airband has continuously gained popularity.

“It has changed enormously in the amount of people that participate.  You couldn’t even get the people doing the acts in the Stewart Room let alone all the people that come to it.  It has also grown in the caliber of the acts.   An act that won back then probably wouldn’t even get mentioned,” Abrams said.

The Airband will be hosted by junior intergrated language arts majors Akash Negi and Amy Miller.

“We are going to do some humorous bits and play off of common items, games and songs of popular 90s culture and incorporate that into our bits and transitions,” Negi said. “Between the songs we will bring our musical skills into it a little bit, do some songs also.”

VIP tickets sold out on Monday. Proceeds from VIP ticket sales benefit Tom Tod Ideas, a Canton nonprofit whose mission is to “empower middle school students to launch absurd ideas to rebuild a broken world.”

Last year Heritage Hall’s group claimed the golden Nike’s with their Lion King themed routine.

Other performances included Mary Poppins and Whitney Houston.  This year the audience can expect even more performances.

“This is the most we have ever had.  We will have thirteen acts,” said Rhett Edwards, Resident Director of DeVol Hall.

Hosts Akash Negi and Amy Miller will use humor based on games, toys, and songs of the 90s. (Photo provided by Rhett Edwards)

This is Edwards’ fourth year at Malone, and fourth year helping with Airband.

“The first year we only had six acts.  It’s been a real encouragement for me to see how it’s grown six acts to thirteen in a few years and to see the increase in participants,” Edwards said.  “A few years back it was predominately Resident Life Staff.  Now we have different participating acts from sports teams to different clubs and organizations.”

Suzanna Bregar, sophomore history major, is one of the Heritage residents helping choreograph the Heritage Hall routine, for a possible repeat of last year’s victory.

“We have two major rehearsals coming up, it’s coming together well.  Erin Montogomery and I probably spent nine hours choreographing the dance,” Bregar said.

Bregar wasn’t in Airband last year but her experience in the Break it Down dance club and the class Exploration of Dance made her want to participate this year.

“The RAs knew I was in dance class and they were looking for choreographers,” Bregar said.

There are many other teams vying for the golden Nike’s. Senior double business administration and art major Billy Latta is a part of two performances.

“I’m part of two groups. I’m with the Malone cross country men and then I’m also doing one with the track team and cross country people.  The way we are getting prepared is we have been practicing for quite a while, weeks now and it has been fun,” Latta said.

In order to accommodate to the performers’ schedules, meetings are heavily planned out.

“We met probably once a week.  We break it down because we understand that people have homework, assignments and classes,” Latta said.

The 20th Airband is in the Johnson Center Friday night. Doors open at 7 p.m. General admission seating is first come, first serve.

Casey Stevens is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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