Men’s tennis continues marked improvement


“A successful season will be accomplishing our goals and playing hard every match,” said tennis head coach Brian Mogus said.  “We want to at least have a record of .500 and also have an average team GPA of a 3.5 or better, which should be fairly easy for the guys.”

Last year’s tennis team finished with a 1-16 record, so there is only room for improvement.

Practices and scrimmages began early for the team.

Senior Alex Steinmetz hits a return during a match in the spring of 2012. Steinmetz said one of the reasons the team has improved is due to the commitment level increasing. (Photo courtesy of Andy Smith)

“We played at least three games/matches weekly throughout the months of January and February,” Mogus said.

Tennis is one of the hardest and most time consuming sports for the Pioneers.  From late night practices to always being on the road can get hectic for some and tend to break down players bodies eventually.

“Our biggest challenges are injuries, where we have a guy out with a knee injury, one for a back injury and another for turf toe,”Mogus said.

One was also out for a tooth injury in a humorous way, according to Mogus.

“Also traveling can be hard on us,” Mogus said. “Most sports teams have a few days of practice before their next game, while we play back to back and most of our games are away as well.”

“Traveling for every match is hard for us,” senior Alex Steinmentz said. “Tennis also has not been a big priority for the school in the past, so it is sometimes hard to get the support.”

Tennis is on the rise though as the team has talent and are determined to accomplish the goals they set for themselves before entering the season.

“The team last year was a strong group, but I am confident in the team and feel like everyone on the team does their part and works hard,” Steinmentz said.

“I am extremely confident in this year’s team,” senior Nate Davis said. “We have great freshman this year that make up most of our line-up and they show great potential.”

Davis has possibly been the best player on the team and maybe throughout the whole GLIAC conference as he recently went on an 11 game singles win streak.

“The program is headed in a great direction,” Davis said.  “We are having a very successful year this year and with the young talent we have, I see us being very competitive over the next few years.  Also, our coach is doing a great job leading us and giving us every opportunity to win.”

With 10 games left the team is currently 7-8 with the potential to have a winning record, exceeding their goal of being .500.  The next match will be a home match will be today at 1 p.m. at the Green Tennis Club in Green, Ohio.

Justin Davis is a sports writer for The Aviso AVW.



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