Students gain music industry experience through 25th Street Productions


25th Street Productions is the student-run record label on campus. Formed to provide students the opportunity to gain experience in the music production business, 25th Street Productions has been around in its current form for four years.

The organization provides upperclassmen the opportunity to teach underclassmen about the music industry.

“The idea of 25th Street with engineering gives the older kids the opportunity to mentor the younger kids while working on recording projects,” senior music production major Mike Seng said. “The band stuff is allowing our older kids to work with their younger kids to help them on live sound. It’s very much a way to make the students take responsibility for the education of the younger guys’.”

The sound and recording equipment used by 25th Street Production can be overwhelming for people not familiar with it, but with the help of fellow students, it can be mastered.

Luc Bohler, a junior music production major, said about the sound equipment, “It looks more intimidating than it probably is.”

The sound and recording equipment used by 25th Street Production can be overwhelming for people not familiar with it, but it can be mastered. A short-term goal of 25th Street Productions is even more gear. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Students don’t have to know anything about music production or be a music production major to become involved with 25th Street Productions.

Jordan Steinhauser, a junior music production major, said, “If anybody wants to get involved, they can just come and jump in. It’s not something that you have to be accepted into.”

Students gain experience producing, editing, marketing, and doing everything that professional record companies do.

Dr. Jack Ballard, professor of music and faculty adviser of 25th Street Productions, is away on sabbatical in Kenya. During his absence Mark Schulz, adjunct professor, is the faculty advisor of 25th Street Productions.

“I will say having come from other places too, that the students here do the job they’re suppose to be doing,” Schulz said. “I don’t feel like I’m herding butterflies all the time. I don’t feel like I have to be like cracking the whip and ‘you come here and do this.’ I just walk in and it’s ‘how we doing are we set up?’ ‘we’re set up’ ‘are we ready?’ ‘we’re ready’, every time.”

The long term goals of 25th Street Productions are to sign more bands and function more as recording companies do.  They also hope to bring in more bands and have fully produced live shows. These shows would be a way for students and non-Malone students to integrate and for them to become more involved with the local music scene.

One of their short term goals is to obtain more recording and production gear for the studio. The goal is to have a digital mix board in the studio by the end of this semester.

25th Street is working to become more involved on campus and sign more bands. On April 13 they will be hosting the Contemporary Music Center (CMC) Tour. Students are able to spend a semester at the CMC in Nashville and study in the heart of the music industry.

25th Street Productions holds bi-monthly meetings on Thursdays at 10 a.m. in the chorale room in the Johnson Center. For more information visit their Facebook page.

Kayla Baker is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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