Student Body President-Elect addresses students at Open Forum for first time


Student senate held another opportunity for students to voice their questions and concerns about on Wednesday March, 27th. Several Senate officers were present to offer answers to student concerns.

President Bob Book opened the meeting by announcing what Senate has accomplished this year. He then introduced Terry who gave his vision for Malone and Student Senate for next year.

Mike Terry, recently elected president of the student body for the 2013-2014 school year, addresses the audience of concerned students who attended the Open Forum. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

“There needs to be better communication across campus,” Terry said, involving when events are taking place and dispelling rumors through “a direct line of communication for the students to understand why this is happening.”

Terry also has plans to change the conversation around Malone, focusing on the blessings students have instead of constantly complaining. “I think it would be beneficial for the student body as a whole to take on a more positive outlook,” Terry said.

Terry said that his passion is student space. His Vice President, Jake Belair, focuses on creating an environmentally friendly campus. They have plans to implement their passions in different ways on campus.

“I think it’s important for students to have space to socialize, fellowship, study together, and meet with faculty members,” Terry said. He has plans to renovate the Barn, get new furniture, and open the game room up for displays of student art and talent.

“We have a green week coming up,” Terry said, “and hopefully it will get the ball rolling.” Linked to this is community service and Senate has plans to be more service oriented, beginning with this years’ service day set to take place April 6th.

Hannah Crabbs, a junior social work major, asked for an update on the ice rink, what Book referred to as “the crowning jewel of my administration”.

Book said, “it was a good idea and it would have been cool if we’d had a winter as cold as this winter–last year. But we can’t guarantee that.”

Maintenance discovered a tear in the liner and didn’t think it was worth spending the money to repair. Crabbs then suggested trying to sell the ice rink, which Terry said Senate would look into.

One issue raised by students was the lack of some RA’s involvement in planning floor events. Sterling Haynes, a junior communication arts major, said, “RA’s are supposed to have events but some never do anything or have any events.”

Terry addressed this issue by encouraging students take their concerns to their RD. There are certain guidelines, six to eight floor events a semester according to Emily Mills, which RA’s are to abide by and when they don’t, the RD should be informed so that they can take the best course of action. Terry said that the Senate will bring this issue to the attention of the RD’s.

Another issue raised by Haynes was the lack of relevant general education courses in math specifically. Haynes suggested the possibility of adding more choices which were more applicable to students and their majors.

Terry said that students have “a direct line to the Registrar” and suggested Haynes speak to them about the possibility of adding more general education courses. Adding classes is a complicated process though and students shouldn’t expect immediate action to be taken. The faculty of that department are the best ones to talk to as they are responsible for teaching all classes.

Other comments included a more efficient way of communicating concerns to the food services, getting ice cleared from the sidewalks early enough for those students going to 8am classes, the suggestion of a student of the month award for exceptional service, and offering intramural referee positions as work study. Senate said they would take those concerns to the people in charge of those areas and see what could be done about them.

Book said Senate has made strides towards purchasing more left-handed desks for students, lowering the price of van rentals, and getting an ATM back on campus specifically for use by students who live out of state or international students.

Kaitlyn Stump is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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