Pioneer Focus: Karli Oprian


PEDIGREE: This week’s Pioneer Focus goes to freshman track and field athlete Karli Oprian for her impressive start to her Pioneer career, particularly in the Amy Adams Memorial Invite.

In the invitational Orpian was one of the driving forces to the Pioneer women capturing the event among 14 other teams. Along with four other women, Oprian finished with first place honors in an event.

Freshman Karli Oprian races alongside opponents in the 100-meter dash. Recently she won the 100-meter dash in an invitational to help bolster the Pioneers to victory as a team. (Photo courtesy of Andy Smith)

The event she captured was the 100-meter dash after running a time of 12.43, which narrowly beat the 12.74 time by her freshman teammate Crystal Barber.

Get to know the new Pioneer Karli Oprian…

Q: Favorite food?

A: My favorite food is most definitely steak and lobster. I know it’s an expensive taste, but it’s a good one.

Q: Most embarrassing moment?

A: I never really had an embarrassing moment until this freshman year during the winter. I was walking up to the cafeteria by myself and I tripped going up the stairs. It was very obvious, my hands hit the ground and everything. Meanwhile there is a huge group of people behind me that saw the whole thing.

Q: Favorite aspect of track?

A: My favorite aspect of track is the team. Growing up I have always had a great team and always got along with others. But the team I have this year as a freshman at Malone is even better. No team compares to the one I have now. I love each and every person and we are all family. I wouldn’t change them for anything.

Q: Something most people don’t know about you?

A: Something most people don’t know about me is that I talk and laugh in my sleep and even wake myself up laughing.

Q: Favorite YouTube video?

A: My favorite YouTube video would have to be Marcel the Shell with shoes on.

Q: Best spring break you have ever had?

A: I would have to say that my best and most favorite spring break was this year, my first year here at Malone. Our track team traveled down to Florida together on a bus. I’m not going to lie, this trip was the longest, most interesting trip of my life. But when we were actually down in Florida, I absolutely loved it. We all got the chance to talk to people we usually didn’t and we all grew closer as a team. We had a lot of fun times and memories that will last forever.

Q: Best coach you have ever had?

A: The best coach I have ever had up to this point would have to be my middle school/high school track coach, Matt Pinion. I have been running track since seventh grade, and every year up to my senior year, he continued as my coach. He was always positive, supportive, and considerate. He made us work hard to become the best we could be.

Q: Most memorable race?

A: My most memorable race would be the race of my senior year at Regionals. I received first place in the 100 meter-dash finals to then go onto the State Meet in Columbus.

Q: Best and worst part of college athletics?

A: The best part of college athletics is that you become really close to a team. Your able to meet new people and grow to become an even better athlete at the collegiate level. You also get to work out some of your frustrations and stresses that have been building up.

The worst part about being a college athlete is that you have little time for other things. It’s really hard to be a full-time student in a sport, and also trying to find time for a social life. Life is very busy and you have to learn how to manage your time.

Q: Least favorite rule at Malone?

A: My least favorite rule at Malone would be paying a fine if you don’t go to a meeting.

Q: Facebook or Twitter?

A: Facebook, because you can post longer statuses and you are able to better communicate with people.

Q: Coolest nickname you have ever received?

A: Hmm, the coolest nickname I think I have ever received would be mighty mouse.

Chris Sherwood is sports editor for The Aviso AVW.

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