Lacrosse 3-5 years away from varsity athletics


Senior Chris Himes fights for possession of a ground ball during the first lacrosse game of the season last year. Despite a winning record last year the lacrosse program is still at least three years away from becoming a varsity sport. (Photo by Chelsea Weikart)

Men’s lacrosse has been a major project for the Pioneers athletic department.  Lacrosse has been a club or team sport for four years now and is still hoping to become a varsity sport in the near future.

“We had hoped that we would have become varsity by now, but that unfortunately has not happened yet,” senior team captain Benjamin Adams said.  “We are hoping though that in the next couple years that Malone would recognize men’s lacrosse as a varsity sport.”

No one really knows what exactly is holding the lacrosse team back from becoming a varsity sport but members of the team think they should be a varsity sport.

“We have no idea what is holding us back from becoming a varsity sport.  We have a really high win percentage, and we play both GLIAC schools and Division I schools like Ball State University, Cleveland State University and Youngstown State University,” Adams said.

Expectations are high for the lacrosse team in their short season. Last year’s team went 6-2 and Adams is hoping that the team goes undefeated this year or at least matches last year’s record.

“We are showing strong improvements this season, and a number of returners are looking to have a solid season,” senior team captain Cameron Worth said.

“Many of our players are completely new to the sport, and it has been very encouraging to see the amount of individual effort that is put in to be competitive this season.  We have a good chance to hold our own based off the schedule we have.  It would be a disappointment if we do not pick up our second consecutive winning season in 2013.”

The main reason we don’t see lacrosse as a varsity sport is the fact that we have limited facilities and the desire to add a women’s team as well.

“There hasn’t been much interest from the women’s side, but we would like to add a field turf and both varsity teams to our department in the next 3-5 years,” Athletic Director Charlie Grimes said.

“Another problem is the GLIAC currently sponsors women’s lacrosse as a sport, but there is growing support to add men’s lacrosse also within the next 3-5 years” Grimes said.

Rich Keefe is coaching this year’s lacrosse team and there is also a former player who has volunteered to help coach this year as well.

Anyone is able to try out for lacrosse. The only requirement is to be a current Malone student.

Information on the lacrosse team can be found on their Facebook page.

Justin Davis is a sports writer for The Aviso AVW.

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