Senate starts service day tradition


The Student Senate service day this past Saturday was the first of many that involved students here on campus. The service day was similar to the Into the Streets program for incoming freshmen, but the service day is for all classes.

Sophomore Heechun Kang and senior Michelle Wagner paint a room in the Martin Center during Student Senate Service Day. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Andrew Rearick, senior biology major, organized the service day. He said it was very hard to organize an event like this.

“Scott Glascow and I sat down every Thursday for a couple weeks and gathered a list of local organizations and let them know about the days we could serve. Students then signed up for days to serve and we were able to place students in spots after we called the organizations back,” Rearick said.

Students formed groups beforehand and were assigned to one of three locations to volunteer. There were volunteers at Habitat for Humanity, Haven of Rest Ministries, and the Martin Center in downtown Canton.

“What went well was that people had fun and enjoyed the experience. What didn’t go well was that not a lot of people came, it’s hard to force people to do service,” Rearick said.

There were twenty-eight people total that served the community during this event.

Leah Webb, sophomore nursing major, was involved in the service day and served at the Martin Center.

“I’m a firm believer that if you have the extra time and power you might as well use it to help somebody else out,” Webb said. “This [Service Day] is a really easy way for Malone students to get involved.”

Heechun Kang, sophomore social work major, also served at the Martin Center.

“I’m really into helping the community out and into learning more about Canton,” Kang said.

“Sometimes it’s hard for students to go without a little push,” Rearick said. “Service is something that Malone wants to strive towards and to bring a community relationship.”

Rearick notes that having a service day on a regular basis would be more beneficial for the community.

“Organizations would rather have more repetitive and consistent service,” Rearick said.

“We hope this starts something for Malone and it becomes a monthly event,” Rearick said. “It’s a great experience for students to get connected.”

Sarah Bosler is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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