Students participate in Color Run


The Color Run is no ordinary 5K. At every kilometer race, volunteers throw handfuls of colored cornstarch-based powder paint onto participants.

There are only two rules of the race: start wearing only white and cross the finish line plastered in color.

The Color Run is not timed and anyone can participate.

Senior communication arts major Rachel Wiesel and senior nursing majors Miriam Bonam and Ann Gardner (L to R) participated in the 5K Color Run. (Photo provided by Miriam Bonam)

“No one cares at what pace you run, so you can jog it,” sophomore communication arts major Elizabeth Finley, who ran the 2012 Cleveland Color Run, said.

The Color Run bills itself as the “Happiest 5K on the Planet”  and celebrates healthiness, individuality, and giving back to the community.

The Color Run has expanded to 100 different cities this year including Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. In each of these cities, the race will choose a local charity to give back to.

Senior early childhood education major Amanda Brunner, who also ran in the 2012 Cleveland Color Run, has never seen a race like it before.

“Once we got to each checkpoint people wanted to get as much color on them as possible,” Brunner said. “People were rolling on the floor; people were throwing it on themselves and throwing it on each other.”

Brunner ran The Color Run with a group of friends, including Finley.

“They blocked off roads and we also ran through neighborhoods,” Finley said. “When we went through neighborhoods there would be people outside cheering you on as you ran past.”

The race becomes more of a contest of colors rather than a contest of speed. According to The Color Run website, over 60% of participants are first-time race runners.

Senior nursing major Miriam Bonam participated in the 2012 Columbus Color run. She said she enjoyed the uniqueness of running an un-timed 5K.

“I don’t really like running that much,” Bonam said. “I thought it [the Color Run] would be the most fun run that I could do that I wouldn’t really have to train for and that I could just enjoy myself.”

At registration participants are given a bag of color in their race bags. Every 15 minutes at the finish line participants simultaneously throw their color into the air, creating the Color Cloud—a massive colored dust cloud that envelopes the runners in color.

The Color Run is now considered the single largest event series in the country. This year, the Color Run is scheduled to take place in 100 different cities, including Cleveland on June 8th, Columbus on July 20th, and Cincinnati on August 23rd.

Alexandria Jakubiak is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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