Yard sale held for Syrian relief


The senior communication arts capstone class hosted a yard sale on Saturday, April 20, raising almost $1000 for relief efforts in Syria.

“I could weep right now, I am so happy,” said senior communication arts major Rachel Weisel. “This is so much better than we expected. Whenever we were trying to plan it we were thinking, ‘It’s a week away. What if we don’t have any stuff?’ We just didn’t know how it was going to turn out.”

The turnout for the yard sale exceeded the expectations of Weisel and other students in the class taught by Dr. Marcia Everett, associate professor of communication arts.

“We literally have not had a lull,” Weisel said. “ We have had a constant ten to fifteen people here at a time.”

Sophomore elementary education major Karesia Sisco holds a box of items to donate to the yard sale held by the senior class. The senior communication arts capstone class hosted a yard sale on Saturday, April 20, raising almost $1000 for relief efforts in Syria. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

The students used various ways to advertise the event, which included an ad on craigslist, an ad in the Canton Repository, sending out student emails and a Facebook page.

The items sold at the yard sale were donated by students and community members. 

“Some of the students in the class went to the dorms and collected,” said senior communication arts major Michael Lawson. “I went to my church and got some things and stuff from my house I wanted to donate.”

Julian Law, a senior Bible and theology major, donated some items for the yard sale. Law and other students were happy to help the communication arts seniors in the efforts to raise funds for Syrian relief.

“Part of it is that I have a lot of stuff and I feel like it’s going to waste, so why not put it to good use?” said Law.

Kayleigh Hartman, a senior communication arts major, was one of the students in the class asking for donations prior to the yard sale. 

“We asked for things they either didn’t need or if they were seniors and done with school and didn’t want their furniture anymore,” Hartman said.

Besides the yard sale on Saturday, the seniors have done other fundraising efforts throughout the semester for Syrian relief.  Their additional fundraising efforts raised another $600 for Syrian relief. 

“We put out an email to faculty and staff just saying, ‘Hey, we will do yard work if you have anything and are willing to donate,’” Hartman said. “We have done mulching.  There was a group I was in that went and did mulch at two different houses.”

The yard sale was attended mostly by community members of Canton; however some students were there.  Sarah Reffey, a senior accounting and business administration major, was one of the students at the yard sale.

“I think that it’s great that they are helping out with that; we haven’t had many groups contribute to that specific cause,” Reffey said.

Casey Stevens is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.


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