Q&A with Winnie King


Aviso: Where did you grow up?

Winnie King is President David King’s wife. (Photo provided by Winnie King)

King: I grew up in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, which is a suburb of Philadelphia.

Aviso: Where did you attend college?

King: I went to Taylor University in Indiana for 2 years, and then I took a year and went to a Bible school in Germany, and then I transferred to Eastern Mennonite in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where I met Dr. King.

Aviso: How many kids do you and Dr. King have?

King: We have 2 kids. Our son Justin is the oldest, and he is married to Catherine. They have a little boy, James, who is almost 2 ½, and they’re expecting their second baby in June. Justin teaches at Simon Gratz High School in Philadelphia, where he teaches music. Catherine works at Terrain, which is the outdoor brand of Anthropologie, and she works at their headquarters and does all their creative writing. She’s the voice of Terrain, and has a really great job.

Our daughter Lindsey is married to Brian. They live in North Hampton, Massachusetts. She went to Gordon College in Massachusetts. Lindsey is expecting her first baby in about 3 ½ weeks. She works with an agency that provides services to people with mental illness.

Both of my kids are out there bringing the love, as we say. They’re awesome kids.

Aviso: What is your best college memory?

King: My best college memory would have to be snagging Dr. King, because I used to go see him in the library and there would be a line of girls around his little desk, and I really had to work hard for that situation, so that was a great college memory. I use to tease him; I said, “I need a number to get to your desk!” So once he wrote a number 1 on a piece of paper, and I think I have it here still in a box somewhere.

Another great college memory was playing sports. I played field hockey and tennis and really loved playing sports and the whole team concept. That’s one thing I love about Malone: all our athletics and being able to see different sports.

Aviso: Do you have a favorite TV show?

King: Other than watching golf, my favorite TV show, which is not on anymore, is House.

Aviso: What is the most unusual thing that has happened to you on a vacation?

King: Dr. King and I were at our cabin, and I was laying out on the middle of the lake, on my mat. I love going out there, I just close my eyes and do a lot of my design work out there. There are fish that jump around you, or you might feel them on your arm. This is two summers ago, and I heard this big fish splash. So I sat up and I looked because it was bigger than the other ones that you hear, and I didn’t see anything.

The next day I was out there, and I heard that big splash again. 5 minutes later I heard this huge splash, and a bald eagle had come and landed to catch that fish. It was literally 15 feet away from me, and it was just so spectacular to see it in the wild. David said it was after me, but he could have seen it if he wanted me, he knew where I was.

But that was really unusual. Just seeing it in slow motion and seeing the definition of the feathers and the textures were just so beautiful.

Aviso: What is one thing that not a lot of people know about you?

King: Probably that I love to golf. That’s my passion now because old field hockey players, they have to give it up, but then you get to kick butt in golf.

People know that I love my family, I love my friends, I love design, I like to paint, I like to write, that’s one of my passions.

Aviso: Do you have any advice for graduating seniors that you wish you knew when you graduated?

King: I wish I would have thought of my life as seasons where you have an experience, or a job for a season, and then it’s not everything. And you move into another season and you can be successful. And when I say season, I don’t mean the four seasons of weather. I’m 57 years old, and it’s such a great season. And when I was 30, or when I was graduating from college, I didn’t see it necessarily like that, and I just feel like the future is so bright, and there’s so much life to still live.

One thing I always want students to be aware of is: don’t miss out on the beauty that is all around you. Don’t look so far outward that you don’t see the blessing and the beauty, and when I say beauty, I mean all the nature that is so beautiful around us, and just the thrill that you can get from seeing a Pileated Woodpecker. I saw one of them in Pennsylvania a couple weeks ago, and I was like “Oh my gosh!” You know, you see new things at all ages, and I love that. My mom was a kindergarten teacher, and I think that she was very good at helping us see the joy in the little things.

Samantha Shaffer is the 2012-2013 editor-in-chief for The Aviso AVW. 

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