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BLOG: Senior editor-in-chief gives a final thank-you

Since the beginning of the semester I’ve had a countdown till May 4th.


Soon it became a joke that I always knew how many days till graduation. I was so excited for the day to come and everything that came with it, especially

Senior editor-in-chief, Samantha Shaffer, launches into life after graduation. (Photo by Kaitie Fox)

freedom from school.

It wasn’t until chapel three weeks ago when it really sank in. My mind started wandering about things that I needed to do in the coming week, and I started thinking primarily about this “Farewell Blog” that I have to write.

I started brainstorming and tried to think of something sentimental that I could say, and that’s when it hit me.

In less than two weeks from now, I’ll be done with school. For the last 18 years it is all I’ve known.

Last year when the Aviso was handed down to me to run, the editor at the time, Jesse Peek, started to get sentimental and I of course started making fun of him.

However, now that I’m in the same position as he was last year I understand what he was feeling.

Last year I was very hesitant to take the job as editor-in-chief, but I honestly can’t even imagine my senior year without it.

The Aviso and I have had a love-hate relationship.

So many times I have become so stressed this year that I have felt like quitting and crying. The one thing I would always go back to, however, is that the good outweighs the bad.

Some of the highlights of the year include successfully starting to publish daily, breaking many personal records such as a record amount of visitors for a week, being recognized in the top ten “Best in Show” at the National College Media Convention and winning the Best Collegiate Newspaper Website at the Ohio Newspaper Association Convention for the second year running.

All these accolades are great, but as tacky as it sounds, the one thing which means the most to me is being able to work with such an incredible staff. We were able to learn with each other and teach each other side-by-side throughout the entire year.

I have formed so many close friendships that I wouldn’t trade for the world because of the Aviso.

Honestly, my staff was so incredible and encouraging, I have been so blessed to have them. I mean, who else would listen to you cry out of frustration during a midnight phone call? Not very many people. I can promise you that.

Besides my staff, the Aviso advisor, Dr. Dixon, has also been such a blessing to me this year. He has listened to me, answered my hundreds of questions and been such an encouragement to me.

He has been so patient in teaching me, a non-journalism student, more about his craft. The very craft that scared me last year, which I have grown to appreciate and love.

As I pass the torch down, it’s hard to see something that I have poured so much of myself into going to someone else. It makes it a little easier because I know Blaire Thompson is going to do a good job next year. Along with her staff next year, I know for a fact they will, as a team, continue to produce a wonderful paper.

As I take this final blog post to reminisce about my time as editor-in-chief, I want to give a final thank you to every single person who has visited our site.

If you are a daily, weekly, or monthly reader, or even if you visited the site just once, I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

The fact that you have taken a little bit of your time to look at what we have produced makes all of the hours I have poured into this publication worth it.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Samantha Shaffer is the 2012-2013 editor-in-chief for The Aviso AVW.

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