Dorm contest returns for a second year


Do you think your dorm room is the ultimate hang-out space? Did Pinterest inspire your room’s decorations? Did you build your own loft? Do you want to show off your room to others and win prizes? If so, you should enter The Aviso AVW 2013 Dorm Room Contest.

Dorm rooms present many challenges. These problems could be anything from where to store all your belongings to room layout to room size. But amidst the challenges, living in a residence hall is part of what makes college a unique and special time.

Residence halls offer students a chance to live in a type of community only found on campus. Dorm life is an integral part of the shared college experience.

Ryan Palmer, Haviland Hall Resident Director and 2009 alumnus, said, “I think that part of a student’s education exists in the residence hall.”

Palmer said when he thinks back to his own college experience his learning was about 50/50—half in the classroom, and the other half in the residence halls. Students learn life skills and lessons living in residence halls—from basic cleaning to how to live in community with others.

Residence halls offer students a unique place to live with others their own age that are at similar stages in life.

Jocelyn Anderson, a senior chemistry major, said, “Living in dorms is nice because you’re there all the time and there are a lot of things happening on campus. And you are there [on campus] and see what’s happening and you get to get involved. And it’s more easily accessible to you, it’s not ‘oh well I have to go home and come back,’ it’s right there.”

Seniors Jocelyn Anderson and Kaley Kahoun strove for a homey, welcoming feel in their Blossom room. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Community is formed through shared experiences and living life together. For Anderson and her roommate, senior nursing major Kaley Kahoun, part of living in community is having a welcoming space which is inviting to others on campus.

Anderson said she and her roommate didn’t want their dorm room to feel like a dorm for their senior year.

“We wanted people to come in and feel welcome and at home and feel like they can come in and talk to us—it’s okay to come in and lounge and chitchat,” Anderson said.

To achieve their homey feel Anderson and her roommate designed their Blossom Hall room around a purple, green and cream color scheme.

This includes purple curtains, purple and cream damask slip covers for their desk chairs, large initial letters covered in the same damask fabric hung over each woman’s closet and a comfortable cream couch for visitors to sit on.

Anderson and Calhoun are still putting together their room but are eager to cherish their last year living in the community found in the residence halls.

Jonathan Crabbs, a sophomore communication arts major, also said living on campus impacts residents’ college experience.

Sophomore Jonathan Crabbs and his roommates set up a creative hang-out space in their DeVol suite. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Crabbs said, “I think that living with people shapes who you are. You’re not living in your house where you’ve lived for the last 18 years. You’re living with different people and learning how that works, and how to communicate with each other. And you get to hear a lot of different perspectives of where other people came from and their lifestyle. It’s a lot of different dynamics coming at you. I think it’s good.”

Crabbs is a resident of DeVol Hall and is living in the same suite as his Resident Assistant. Crabbs and his roommates  use the open common area in their suite, the lobby, as a hang out area.

“The lobby is a welcoming space with multiple couches, posters and flags on the wall and a TV complete with surround sound,” Crabbs said.

No matter what residence hall students live in, each offers a place to find community, learn about each other and one ’s self.

To enter the Aviso AVW 2013 Dorm Room Contest, email aviso@malone.edu with the subject line “Dorm Room Contest.” Be sure to include pictures of your room and a paragraph or two highlighting your room and why you should win your category. Entries are due on Monday, September 23.

Contest categories are:

– Most Tricked Out Room: awesome entertainment systems, gaming systems and more.

-Most Homey: rooms that take you into a home, personal touches, pictures, unique furniture.

-Most Colorful: rooms that explode with color.

-Most Creative Set-Up: rooms with lofts, extra furniture, and new ways to use existing furniture.


 Hannah Finley is the managing editor for The Aviso AVW.

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