FCA becomes more established for student athletes


There is no question that athletes pervade campus. Everywhere you turn you can see a student athlete sporting his or her athletic team gear; and when you walk up to the dining hall, there’s no question of where the football, cross country and soccer teams will be sitting.

But when it comes down to worship and sharing Christian faith, Pioneer athletes merge together as one and share their hearts with one another.

FCA is a fellowship for Christian athletes.  The organization has many athletes from various sports, but has mainly been led by senior cross country runner Katie King and senior basketball player Cory Veldhuizen.

“FCA at Malone has existed in spurts throughout the past 20 years,” Veldhuizen said. “This particular FCA was started about three years ago by several student athletes.”

FCA was created particularly for athletes to build relationships with God and for fellow student athletes to pray for their teams, as well as encouragement.

Throughout the past few years, FCA has grown largely in its numbers and has been a great foundation for student athletes to get to know each other. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Throughout the past few years, FCA has grown largely in its numbers and has been a great foundation for student athletes to get to know each other.

“Since I have been a student at Malone, there has been transformation to FCA,” King said. “We started off with about ten student athletes and grew ten almost every year prior, and Wednesday we had a great amount show up.”

With its success of growing numbers, FCA has also been approved for chapel credit this year for student athletes that attend the weekly worship.

“FCA will be given as a chapel [credit] now and will bring out a large crowd for us; hopefully those who attend take something away from this experience,” King said.

Although the crowd has grown, King does not only view FCA’s success in numbers.

“It’s hard to really determine our success,” King said. “We do not want to base our success off of our crowd, but rather off of what those in attendance took out and by them growing spiritually.”

But the numbers of attendance isn’t the only change FCA has experienced. Every week there will be a different opening game, and then will transition into a “two-minute drill” where one student athlete will speak, followed by worship led by a coach or former athlete.

“At the beginning of FCA we will have an ice breaker game such as volleyball or dodge ball so the students can get to know each other and become more confortable with one another,” King said.

King and Veldhuizen both look forward to what this year will bring to FCA, and hope that the growing foundation can lead to future success.

“I am hoping this year’s FCA will establish somewhat of a strong foundation for future leaders of FCA,” Veldhuizen said. “Hopefully, in the future, it becomes even more organized and an united community of athletes from all sports teams.”

FCA is a weekly event which begins at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays and will feature a different speaker every week.

 Justin Davis is a sports staff writer for The Aviso AVW. 

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