WWF welcomes new RD and family


Over the summer, many changes took place on campus. In addition to the physical changes to campus, there are several new faces as well. One example can be found in the residence life staff: Woolman, Whittier and Fox halls have a new resident director, Kelly Myers.

Kelly Myers is the new Resident Director of WWF. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Myers is a Malone alumna with a bachelor’s degree in communication arts and a minor in ministry education. She was a resident assistant and course assistant during the time she was working on her bachelor’s degree. She received her master’s degree in higher education from Geneva College. While in school, Myers was a busy student who loved to get involved with everything happening on campus.

In the past, Myers was a home director for Indiana Wesleyan University for three years. She also taught COMM 110 classes for a year and worked at Starbucks.

“I’m really excited to give back on the halls where I used to live,” Myers said. “I really loved everything about student development and being a student leader.”

Myers does not plan to change many things about Woolman, Whittier, and Fox Halls, commonly known as WWF. There used to be one resident director for Woolman Hall and a  separate resident director for Whittier and Fox Halls. This year there is only one resident director for all three of the halls.

Myers hopes to get a feel for each of the halls’ personalities and make one large family-like community. She really wants to form a new identity while maintaining the old one of WWF.

“I think we have a really special kind of residents,” Myers said. “I think that this type of community established in WWF is interesting, unique and really great.”

Myers is excited to work with the freshmen. In her home director job, she never worked closely with freshmen.  She is also excited to get to know each of the residents and the resident assistants in WWF.

Myers likes the idea that she will be able to spend the afternoons with her daughters and the evenings with the residents. She also likes that she does not have a commute and will not have to put her children in day care.

“A lot of things about Malone’s personality fit my personality really well,” Myers said.

Myers is married to Derek Myers, the campus bookstore manager. They have two daughters: Penny, two years old, and Ruby, seven weeks old.


 Josey Petz is the feature editor for The Aviso AVW.

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