Center of Theology and Ministry welcomes Canton community


The Center of Theology and Ministry (CTM) is a new center at Malone aimed at giving area pastors and churches an opportunity to connect with one another.

“It’s really an academic center focused on continuing education for local churches, pastors, and lay leaders,” said Bryan Hollon, director of the master of arts in theological studies, associate professor of theology, and director of CTM.

The new Center of Theology and Ministry is based in the Johnson Center. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

CTM’s goal is to reach out to the Canton community as a whole.

“The goal is to establish and nurture a stronger church that’s more reflective, more theologically grounded, [so] that we can further our mission as ‘Christ’s Kingdom First,’ into the community, and into the world, with a confidence and knowledge about God and our love for God,” said Mike Terry, junior Bible and theology major and intern for CTM.

“We are going to be hosting events, bringing in speakers, some of our own faculty will do some of the speaking and we [will] invite the community to come out,” Hollon said.

Besides hosting events, CTM uses a blog to connect area churches, pastors and nonprofits.

“We have quite a few pastors right now who are actively involved in the blog, and who are in discussion with us about various kinds of training and courses that we are going to be developing. There is a lot of interest,” Hollon said.

The blog for CMT has been up since May.

Corey Easterday, director of Current of Ohio and a village leader for Love Canton, has been affiliated with CTM and has written numerous blog posts for the CTM website.

“I think other churches, pastors [and] non-profit workers can benefit from reading the blog from an ongoing education standpoint, where the center can help resource them,” Easterday said. “Secondly, the center can benefit and further their mission in the city by connecting them with other like-minded individuals and providing them a forum.”

CMT will have its first event of the semester on October 8 with a discussion on “What has Theology to do with Worship?”


 Casey Stevens is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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