Q&A with resident director Ryan Palmer


Aviso: Where are you from?

Palmer: I am from Medina, just south of Cleveland. I wasn’t born there but I spent most of my life there, so I feel like a real Ohio native. I feel more like I’m from Canton now. I went to Highland High School and I graduated from Malone in 2009 with a degree in Business Administration.

Ryan Palmer and his wife, Lexi, live in Haviland where Ryan is the resident director. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Aviso: What is your favorite memory from your time as a Malone student?

Palmer: Just the experience I had, and I guess this fits in with what I am doing now, is just the experience of living in community in PGB with the guys—whether that was staying up late and talking, going on long walks, trips, and all the different events that happened on campus like the Davenport Derby or Nike Airband, which we won when I was an RA. Just so you know, my picture is up somewhere. I think my favorite memory was living on campus in community with 20 to 30 other guys every single day and learning from them, and hopefully they maybe learned from me in some ways.

Aviso: What is your favorite social media site, if you have one, and why?

Palmer: I have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I almost never ever use my Twitter. I think it’s been over a year since I tweeted, so that’s not my favorite. I don’t really like Facebook that much. I probably use Instagram the most. Just because if you’re at a concert or somewhere cool, you want people to see the photos you just took. I’m not actually a big social media user.

Aviso: Do you have any beard care tips?

Palmer: I shampoo and condition my beard every time I shower and then I comb it. This thing can get really nasty if I don’t take care of it. If I go camping, when I come back it gets greasy and because I’ve been laying on it all night it gets all matted, so I have to take care of it. I think that Lexi, my wife, would be really upset if I came in to kiss her and it was like, “Oh no, there’s a bunch of junk in your beard right now.” It’s good to take pride in your beard, but you have to take care of your beard to take pride in your beard.

Aviso: What are your hobbies?

Palmer: I’ve played guitar for most of my life. I still like to learn new songs and different styles of playing. I also really like working on guitars. I’ve built my own guitar from scratch. I would say a big hobby of mine is the interworking of different electronic components of guitars and how they work. I also really like reading and being outside. So anything that combines those three things. So, like, if there is a concert outside I would love to go there. But music is probably the biggest part of my life as far as hobbies go.

Aviso: What’s your favorite thing to do in Canton?

Palmer: I love going to restaurants and coffee shops downtown. People probably also don’t know that there is a thriving arts district downtown. There are a number of different galleries. First Friday is kind of a good way to get people downtown. It’s monthly when everyone comes downtown and all the bars and restaurants open their doors. But I like going during the week too when there’s not thousands of people trying to look at the same piece of art you are. I don’t think people know that Canton used to be called Little Chicago because of how similar it was to the city. It was a central location between New York and Chicago, so a lot of business occurred in Canton. [There’s] actually a lot of history in the city. It’s beautiful in places and there are some people really trying to rejuvenate the city. So, I like to go to Thatsa Wrapp and Deli Ohio. Those are two places; I would prefer their food to almost anywhere in the area.


 Hannah Finley is the managing editor for The Aviso AVW.

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