Students gather off campus during free time


Canton offers many places for students to enjoy in their free time.

Starbucks and Books-a-Million in the Belden Village area are common off-campus hangouts for students. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Amber Benson, a junior middle education major, is a barista at the Belden Village Starbucks.

“There are a lot of students that come in, especially from Malone,” Benson said. “It’s super close, cozy and comfy, and you can get things that aren’t too expensive.”

There are three Starbucks franchises within twenty minutes of campus: one in Washington Square, one on The Strip and one in Belden Village.

When Benson isn’t working at Starbucks, there’s another spot she likes to spend her free time.

“I really like going to Books-A-Million and studying, and just sitting over there. In the coffee shop it’s quiet,” Benson said.

Looking for something other to do then sip a latte and work on homework?

Youssef Elsonbaty, a sophomore business administration major, likes to watch movies when he’s not doing homework or at tennis practice.

“I go to the dollar theater,” Elsonbaty said. “They still have good movies there. We wait until the movie gets to the dollar theater to watch it.”

Cinemark Movies 10 is located on Dressler Road. For a matinee showing, tickets are $1.50, while later showings are $1.75.

Patty Rhinehart, a junior communication arts major, also frequents the dollar theater.

“I usually hit up the dollar theater a lot, it’s cheap,” Rhinehart said. “I’d say the theater is number one. My friends and I are always going to the theater.”

When she wants to study, Rhinehart prefers a locally-owned downtown coffee shop.

“Now that it’s cold, Muggswigz is fun. I like the atmosphere, the study atmosphere. It’s a good study session place,” Rhinehart said.

Brandon Parsons, a senior biology major, also enjoys spending time at Muggswigz.

“We will go later in the evening to Muggswigz, usually we won’t take homework cause I do enough of that,” Parsons said.

Parsons is the bass player for the band Andrew in Vienna.  His band has played twice at The Auricle, another great local venue.

“We really enjoy it. It’s right in the middle of downtown,” Parsons said.

Joshua Bankert, a sophomore Bible and theology major, mentioned the ice cream shop Milk and Honey, another Canton favorite located on Cleveland Avenue within walking distance of campus.

“Well I’ve grown up in Canton, so I’ve always loved Milk and Honey: good food, reasonable prices, [a] great place to hang out with friends,” Bankert said.

Is there a place we forgot to mention? Leave us a comment on where you like to hang out.


 Casey Stevens is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

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