Library offers more than a place to study


The library has many resources that are accessible to students. It is not only a place to find books; it is a place where they can use the computers and books to figure out what they need to know about a topic.

The microfische is a resource for students to use for research. (Photo by Cammera Archie)

Amy Yuncker, the historical archivist and reference librarian, understands people’s academic needs and can teach them new ways to do research by using the library’s resources.

Many people are familiar with the computers, reference books, and some of the online resources.

“I know that there are magazines and lots of books that you can see for whatever topic that you are looking for, I know that they have a lot of resources there,” said Anna Jaimes, a freshman nursing major. “I know I can use the library for so many different resources, but I don’t know what they are.”

One of the reasons that students do not know about the online resources available is that a librarian never showed them how to use them. Learning about these resources could change the way students research.

Yuncker and Jan Anderson, another reference librarian, both said that it is better that students use more than one of the online sources on the library homepage. They can use more than one to create a more narrowed down search on a topic.

OPAL, Ohio Private Academic Library, can help students track down books from the Malone library or one of the 24 other university libraries in the system.

Ebscohost is a server that is used to find the correct type of databases for a specific topic.

Another online resource that can be used by students are the Lib Guides posted on the library’s page.

They are about all types of specific topics. They can help with paper format, citations, and anything needed to help with a research paper or essay.

Every library resource that a person may need to research a topic can be found on the library’s home page.

The online sources are only a small part of what the library has to offer.

There are also physical resources like the hundreds of reference books, magazines, newspapers and journals that are available to access through a microfische.

The microfische is a device that allows a person to view journals on a small film-like screen. It projects the image of old journals that cannot be found online so that it can be read and printed out if necessary.

These few examples are only part of what is available for use in the library.

 Learn more about library archivist, Amy Yuncker.


Lauren Ward is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.


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