BLOG: @mooseconfession raises sensitive issues


Journalism is both challenging and rewarding. You get to hear and report stories and interview people that you wouldn’t normally meet.

Specifically here at Malone, it gives fellow writers and myself the opportunity to meet and interact with students we wouldn’t normally cross paths with and form relationships with faculty members, professors and administration who we otherwise might not talk with.

Journalism also takes you out of your comfort zone, especially when stories deal with difficult and sensitive topics.

@mooseconfession is a private Twitter account which users can request to follow. (Photo by Hannah Finley)

Writing an article about @mooseconfession was a difficult article to write.

It saddens me to see fellow students posting such hurtful things about other students online. And while I realize this type of Twitter account isn’t unique to Malone, it puts such accounts, which are platforms for cyberbullying, into perspective.

Cyberbullying isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s a serious issue and individuals have committed suicide because of cyberbullying.

Malone is a special place, where students, professors and faculty members have a type of close bond that some students at different universities don’t have.

The special community found on campus is one which should be fought for and protected.  I have made countless friendships with fellow students and formed wonderful relationships with professors and faculty members. And to see such hurtful things being said was overwhelming.

The purpose of the @mooseconfession article is not to publicize the account, but rather to make students aware of how social media can impact community and how hurtful and serious this type of account is.

The person who shouts the loudest is heard, even if what they are shouting isn’t right. It’s easy to stand by and silently disagree, but defending what is right is worth doing something about.

These types of social media accounts will only exist if people keep following them and submitting posts.

It is my hope that the article about @mooseconfession causes students to think about how this twitter account and other social media groups like it impact the Malone community.

Read Hannah’s @mooseconfession article here.


 Hannah Finley is the managing editor for The Aviso AVW.


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