Intramural football grows in popularity


Sports teams can play a huge role in a lot of college students’ lives. Although not all students necessarily play a sport in college, many students are engaged in sports in some form.

From playing fantasy football, to rooting for your favorite college team, the central focus for most universities is the sports world.

Like many other universities, intramural sports have given opportunities to non-athlete students to engage in a sport he or she enjoys at a more laid back, fun pace.

There has been a big increase in flag football popularity this year. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

“Intramural flag football has always been a popular intramural sport,” senior physical education major Jason Keniston said. “Since I’ve been around, it has been a fun thing for people to do.”

Keniston is the head director of all intramural sports.

Over the last few years intramural sports have grown on campus. Many students, both men and women, have wanted to join in on the fun.

“Before this year, it was a pretty unorganized event,” Keniston said. “This year it has been run a lot smoother than in the past.”

Intramural football began its season around the beginning of September. In the past, teams would play a six-game season. This year, 12 games are offered in the season before a playoff game.

Along with its growing development, intramural football was able to gain a new playing field.

The newest field is located on the east campus by Randall Jewish center, along with its regular playing field between Blossom and Heritage Hall.

It is easy to participate in this activity. Keniston and his staff normally send out e-mails for intramural activities, as well as there being information on the cards that are on the tables in the café.

There are a few rewards in playing.

“Last year the teams that won didn’t receive anything,” said Keniston. “But this year, the winners will get the choice of championship hoodies or tee shirts and we want to throw in a little extra because people got ripped off last year.”

Another big plus to playing is the possibility of playing at Fawcett Stadium down the street where the football team plays.

“The rules are pretty much the same as regular football,” said Keniston.  “You are not allowed to tackle, swear, [or] take the Lord’s name in vain because that’s definitely something we don’t stand for; you can’t stiff arm.”

Keniston basically summed it up as football with no contact.

“The field is 100 yards just like a normal field, but there are yard marks that are first down points (every 20 yards is a first down).”

Every team makes the playoffs except the last two teams with the worst schedule, so instead of the eight teams they started with, there will only be six to participate.


 Justin Davis is a sports writer for The Aviso AVW.

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