AVI continues to make changes


AVI Food Systems held a meeting on October 2 which was intended for students to express their concerns and for AVI Food Services to explain the changes they are making. No students attended the meeting.

“I was probably busy that night, so as soon as I saw the date I ignored it because I wouldn’t be able to go,” said Holly Kreis, a sophomore nursing major.

There were also other campus events occurring the same night, including a spiritual formation opportunity.

AVI Food Systems encourages students to express any opinions or concerns they may have about the food services.

Adam Crawin and Chris Wisbey of AVI Food Systems encourage students to express any opinions or concerns they may have about the food services. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

“Everything we do, we have the best intention [for] the students in mind. I appreciate it very much when people tell me ‘hey, I don’t like this’ or ‘hey, this isn’t working’—[just] let us know,” said Chris Wisbey, resident director of food services.

There were several issues AVI Food Systems intended to address with students at the meeting.

The main problem which was to be addressed was that of silverware and dishes leaving the cafeteria and never returning. Another issue was in regard to the amount of food that is wasted every year, which is why food is now being served for students.

“It helps serve you guys better and it is cutting down on waste,” said Adam Crawin, general manager.

“Doing it where we have the single plate gives the opportunity to have less waste thrown away,” Crawin said. “When we had self-serve, [students] would just pile their plate. I was a witness, half of it went into that trash can.”

AVI Food Systems is also is planning several special events.

“For fall we are going to do a pumpkin carving contest,” Wisbey said. “[Students] get to clean and carve their own pumpkin. We will have a DJ and play games. It will be a fall festival event.”

The event will take place on October 31. Students can form teams and the winning team will win $100.

“For Thanksgiving we will have students get their friends, make a reservation of six people minimum and we are going to set the whole dining room with table cloths and silverware and, if you made a reservation, you get a whole turkey to carve yourself with your friends and there will be a separate buffet just for trimmings,” Wisbey said.

Students are also able to attend this dinner without a reservation, but they will have to go through the normal line for their turkey at the carving station.

“For the night before finals, we are going to do a moonlight breakfast,” Wisbey said. “It is kind of like a role reversal where [faculty] are waiting on the students.”

Faculty and staff members will serve breakfast to students at night.


Lauren Ward is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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