SAC offers weekend activities on campus


The student activities council puts together many activities and events for students every year. The goal of SAC is to make Malone a community and to give students fun things to do after a hard day of classes and studying.

“When we have a lot of students on campus, it creates a whole community atmosphere,” said Rachel Belliveau, a sophomore biology major.

The student activities council works to make Malone a community and to give students fun things to do after a hard day of classes and studying.

Rae Showen, the head of activities on campus, has overseen what activities SAC puts together. She strives to make sure that all students can have fun on campus. She is willing to listen to all students’ ideas for both activities and  new organizations in which people might enjoy participating.

SAC has many activities during the week, but there are plenty of events planned on weekends as well.

“Malone has a sort of ‘community atmosphere,'” Belliveau said. “The students could create that atmosphere on the weekends as well. There is always something to do on the weekends and gets communicated via student emails, social media, bulletin boards, and word of mouth as well. SAC wants every student to be plugged in to the community and that’s what their events are for.”

“We definitely want to provide the students with a reason to stick around on the weekends,” said Showen. “I would like to increase the number of students attending, but I am thrilled with the people who already regularly attend these events.”

Showen and the members of SAC work to get students involved in activities, but it is not easy to increase the attendance of weekend events.

There are plenty of complications preventing students from attending these events.

“It is difficult to make it to SAC events if I do not have a ride,” said Abbey Harmon, a freshman music education major.

“I have soccer, so I can’t really go to them,” said Christine Najjar, a freshman forensic chemistry major.

There are also many students who simply want to get away from the stress of school and relax at home on weekends.

“I like to go home to see my family,” said Harmon.


Lauren Ward is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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