More students share stories behind their ink


Last year we showcased students and faculty who shared the story behind their tattoos. More and more students are going under the needle, so we interviewed more students to uncover the motives behind their tattoo choices.

Joshua Grubbs, a sophomore English and creative writing major, has five tattoos. (Photos by Autumn Berry)

Joshua Grubbs, a sophomore English and creative writing major, is no stranger to a tattoo shop. In total he has five tattoos.

His ink includes: the word “warrior” on his chest written in Hebrew, a small planet on his shoulder (which he plans on getting covered up soon), the phases of the moon on his arm, and the solar system which is located on his side.

Grubbs considers the fourth tattoo he attained to be a slice above the rest.

“Definitely my pizza on my thigh, it’s the one that is done the best and the meaning it has is important because Chris and my other friend, Mark, we all have pizzas on our thighs—it’s like friend tattoos,” Grubbs said.

In total he has spent $600 on his ink. Grubbs has no plan on stopping at his fifth tattoo.

“On my stomach I want to get a mallard with the words ‘ducks fly together’ underneath it for a friendship deal, and then on my shin on my left leg I want an octopus with a banner around it that says ‘no one lives forever,’” Grubbs said.

Ashley Holt, a sophomore visual art education major, has an anchor tattoo with flowers wrapped around it

Sophomore visual art education major Ashley Holt’s “Hebrews 6:19” tattoo holds great meaning for her. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

and “Hebrews 6:19” below. The verse reads, “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil.”

The tattoo and the verse itself have a special meaning for Holt.

“I think there was a time when I was not doubting God in a specific way but kind of always struggling to see that hope in everything and kind of had a very negative outlook towards a lot of things,” Holt said. “This verse just kept coming back to me.”

Holt plans on getting more tattoos, but currently her money is going towards her upcoming wedding.

“I do want to get another one with my best friend that is small, and I’ve been drawing up another one for maybe on my back or something. But I would probably stop at two or three, I probably wouldn’t get any more because of what I believe in: moderation,” Holt said.

Junior communication arts major Maddie Schuler’s tattoo encourages her in cross country and reminds her of family. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Maddie Schuler, a junior communication arts major and member of the women’s cross country team, has a tattoo on her foot of Isaiah 40:31.

The verse reads, “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

Shuler appreciates being reminded of this verse before racing with her teammates. “Every time before I run I change my socks so whenever I put my spikes on I see the verse, so it reminds me right before I race,” Shuler said.

The tattoo also reminds Shuler of her family.

Shuler said, “My sister has [one] on the same spot and hers says ‘believe’ and I always said I was going to get one in the same spot, same font and everything.”

Brock Lundeen, a senior business management major, has a Superman symbol with Kryptonite on his left bicep. (Photo by Autumn Berry)

Brock Lundeen, a senior business management major, has a unique story behind his ink. Lundeen has the Superman symbol with a green aura around it (to represent Kryptonite) located on his left arm.

A tattoo that was light hearted at first gradually became an important part of Lundeen.

“At first, when I came out of high school, I got a lot of big time football offers, so essentially I was just a cocky, arrogant, typical 18-year-old football player, and I thought I was Superman. Later, through some personal experiences, I got the green for Kryptonite to make sure I don’t ever think I’m Superman again,” Lundeen said.

Lundeen got the tattoo the first semester of his freshman year. He added the Kryptonite over Christmas break that same year.

Lundeen has no plan on stopping at just one tattoo. His future plans for tattoos include two collar bone tattoos, in Latin that translate to,“It’s a good day to die” and “Greatness from small beginnings.”

 Casey Stevens is a staff writer for The Aviso AVW.

Riley Gable is a contributing writer for The Aviso AVW.

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